Turkish scientist is working on project providing for introduction of AI in library sphere

A teacher of Berlin Technical University, Professor Shahin Albayrak prepares a project called “Center for Global Information: the European Library of the Future”, which provides for the introduction of artificial intelligence in the library sphere.

In the ninth news doss “Anadolo” dedicated to the topic “On the way to the era of artificial intelligence”, it includes an interview with Professor Albayrak, who is among the specialists in artificial intelligence and whose articles are cited in the leading scientific publications of the world.

Albayrak was born in the Nazimi area in the Turkish province of Tundu, he graduated with honors from high school and the Lyceum. In 1979, the young man moved to Germany to his older brother. There, Albayrak graduated with honors from Berlin Technical University, defended his doctoral dissertation and received the title of associate professor. Further, Albeyrak worked in the artificial intelligence of the University of Stanford in the United States, at the age of 30, achieved the assignment of a scientific title of professor. Later, the Turkish scientist returned to the Berlin Technical University to lead the laboratory of artificial intelligence, the owner of which was the university itself and Deutsche Telekom. Albayrak led a study related to artificial intelligence in the field of Covid with a total value of 2.5 billion euros. In particular, the professor was engaged in the development of artificial intelligence systems in the fields of healthcare, transport, labor hygiene and libraries in Germany and other countries.

Examining intelligence studies for the library sphere

In an interview with an anadol correspondent, Albayrak said that thanks to the introduction of artificial intelligence, the library will undergo changes in the coming years.

According to the professor, he worked for many years on the design and development of holistic solutions of artificial intelligence with a scalable architecture of software.

Albayrak noted that along with studies of artificial intelligence in areas such as “autonomous unmanned vehicles”, “workplaces of the future” and “healthcare”, he also conducts research in the library sphere.

According to the scientist, scientific research is currently underway under the project called “Center for Global Information: the European Library of the Future”, which provides for large -scale transformations in terms of access to library funds.

Albayarak recalled that libraries usually provide readers with information through the “open shelves” system, but thanks to the introduction of artificial intelligence, all print publications will go to digital format over time, and library regiments can be left without books.