Türkiye and Egypt will exchange ambassadors

Türkiye and Egypt intend to mutually appoint ambassadors in the near future. About this to the Egyptian publication “Al-Masri al-Yum” was informed by the temporary attorney in the affairs of the Turkish embassy in Cairo Mutlu Shen.

He recalled that the president of Egypt Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi called the Turkish leader and congratulated him on a re-election to the post of head of state. According to him, this provided a “good opportunity” for bilateral relations.

“Leaders expressed a desire to bring diplomatic relations to a new level. President Erdogan seeks to improve relations with Egypt. At the same time, Turkish institutions are ready to cooperate with Egypt,” he said.

Mutlu Shen added that Ankara and Cairo plan to intensify cooperation in various fields, primarily in the field of economics, trade, industry, technology, culture, art, sports, media and communications.

He said that the Minister of Industry and Trade of Egypt Ahmed Samir will visit Turkey in the near future, in addition to the visit of two Turkish delegations to Cairo.

“We expect a significant expansion of cooperation between Turkey and Egypt in the field of investment and tourism within six months or a year,” he added.

“Turkey continues to implement a foreign policy within the framework of a vision based on a dialogue and cooperation, in particular, with Arabic and Islamic countries,” he explained.

Diplomatic relations between Turkey and Egypt are maintained at the level of attorneys in affairs from both sides since 2013.