Türkiye will condemn in connection with death of migrants off coast of Greece

Turkish Foreign Ministry expressed condolences to the relatives and friends of those who died in the collapse of a fishing vessel with illegal migrants off the coast of Greece.

The department warned that the danger of repeating such tragedies in the water area of ​​the Mediterranean Sea will remain until the causes of illegal migration are eliminated.

The Foreign Ministry explained that the steps that prevent the settlement of the problem will only “strengthen the suffering of migrants and persons looking for asylum, and will also lead to an increase in cases of deaths in the sea.”

It is emphasized that in Ankara they are deeply saddened by the news of numerous victims as a result of the incident, including women and children.

In the Turkish Foreign Ministry wished for a speedy recovery to the victims.

The diplomatic mission reminded of the general responsibility of all interested parties for improving the living conditions of refugees and persons looking for asylum, as well as the solution of their problems. “This tragic event once again demonstrated the need for urgent search by the international community of resolving this issue. In connection with the approach of the World Wide World, the International Community celebrates the international community to the fair distribution of responsibility and burden regarding the problem of illegal migration, as well as to joint work to eliminate the indigenous causes of migration flows in our region, ”the statement said.

A fisherman ship with illegal migrants turned over the coast of the Mora Peninsula in Greece the day before. According to the latest data, 104 people were saved, 78 bodies of the dead were discovered.

The survivors were transported to the Greek port of Kalamat. Türkiye will condemn in connection with the death of migrants off the coast of Greece