Ukraine will take part in naval teachings of Turkey

Ukrainian command of naval forces (Navy) will take part in the teachings of the Turkish fleet Dogu Akdeniz 2021 (East Mediterranean – 2021), which should take place at the end of this year. The message appeared on the website of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Currently, Kiev discusses with Ankara the format for the participation of his command in the work of a multinational headquarters, which will lead the maneuvers. In addition, Ukraine expects to provide its officers internship on the Corwets of Navy of Turkey class ADA. Other details of the upcoming exercises are not yet disclosed.

On April 2, the Office of the President of Ukraine’s office, Roman Möshovts called NATO countries to increase the combat readiness due to the exacerbation of the situation in the Donbas. He explained that joint training would be the best way to resist the “Russian aggression” in the region.