United States imposed sanctions against another 37 companies from China

The US Department of Trade included 37 Chinese companies engaged in quantum and nuclear energy technologies, as well as unmanned aviation, in the list of organizations to which export control provisions will be applied.

According to the agency’s statement, restrictions against these structures are applied in connection with the implementation of activities that contradict national security and US foreign policy interests.

As noted, 22 companies from the list are directly related to the efforts of Beijing to promote quantum research or with attempts to acquire American technologies for quantum calculations.

The US Ministry of Education noted that some of these companies were also associated with the implementation of Nuclear programs of the PRC, and “after Russia’s invasion to Ukraine, a number of materials subject to control were transferred to this country.”

more 11 companies were on the list due to the fact that they were related to the production of Chinese balloons that were discovered in the airspace of the United States.

The remaining four companies, presumably, tried to get American quantum technologies for use in military unmanned aviation systems.