US promised to put pressure on Iran if

USA can go to enhance pressure on Iran if Tehran will use negotiations on the restoration of a joint comprehensive action plan (UNDPD) to gain time for the implementation of its nuclear program. This was stated in an interview with the BBC Special Representative of the US State Department for Iran Robert Malloi.

“If the Iran’s approach is to try to use negotiations as a cover for the accelerated implementation of the nuclear program, and, as I said, pull the time at the table of nuclear negotiations, we will have to react as we would not want”, – said Malloch, who quotes Interfax.

Malloe noted that in this case it is not to be surprised if the pressure on Iran is strengthened. “We hope that this will not happen, but if it happens, the pressure must be strengthened to give to understand Iran that the choice he does is wrong,” the American diplomat added.

On the eve of Vienna, the first informal consultations were launched in a bilateral format in order to prepare for the official renewal on Monday negotiations on the Restoration of CFD, the postprared of the Russian Federation was informed with international organizations in Vienna Mikhail Ulyanov. Negotiations provide for the US abandonment from anti-air sanctions renewed by the Ex-President of the United States by Donald Trump after leaving the agreement, and the return of Tehran to comply with the CFD conditions.