USA went against cart

United States, the main donor of the World Health Organization, opposed the proposal to make it more independent, reports Reuters with reference to its sources.

According to the WHO document published on the network, the proposal made by the WHO Working Group on Sustainable Financing will increase the permanent annual contribution of each Member State.

This plan is part of a broader reform process caused by a coronavirus pandemic, which showed the limited organization opportunities to interfere in the situation in the early stages.

But the US government opposes the reform, because he has concerns about the ability of WHO to resist future threats, including by China.

Instead, he insists on creating a separate fund directly controlled by donors, which will finance the fight against emergency health situations.

It is noted that the main budget of WHO is aimed at combating pandemic and strengthen health systems worldwide. The organization also collects about $ 1 billion a year to solve specific global problems such as tropical diseases and flu.