USA “without hesitation” will take steps if DPRK provides weapon of Russian Federation

USA “without hesitation” will take the necessary steps if North Korea agrees to provide Russia’s weapons. This was stated by the representative of the State Department of the United States Matthew Miller.

He recalled that any transfer of weapons between North Korea and Russia will violate a large number of resolutions of the UN Security Council (UN).

“The US position on this issue is extremely clear,” Miller emphasized.

Commenting on the visit of the North Korean leader Kim Jong -un to Russia, Miller said that Washington “would follow what is happening and, if necessary, will take steps without hesitation to prosecute these persons.”

Meanwhile, Pentagon’s spokeswoman Brigadier Patrick Ryder believes that the meeting of the North Korean leader and Russian President Vladimir Putin “will most likely be devoted to the topic of weapons.”

“We know about the upcoming meeting. As far as we understand, this meeting will be focused on negotiations about weapons,” he said.