Washington Post: “Delta” is actually a new virus

The Washington Post newspaper and the Drugs.com portal published materials with excerpts from a government document dedicated to the spread of coronavirus. Scientists came to the conclusion that the Indian strain of the virus is the same infectious as a windshow, and can be transmitted between vaccinated people, according to “Moscow Komsomolets”.

In the document, which entered the CDC (medical prevention and control center), reflects the data on several recent outbreaks of the Delta strain and the results of the research of this variety of the virus, which will be published later this week.

Researchers recognize that the “Delta” is a new virus. It turned out that the viral load in graft people may be the same as unvacted. In addition, vaccinated people can be as contagious.

In CDC, it was clearly alarmed not for a joke – the department has already changed the recommendations on the wearing masks. They should be all, including vaccinated people, and even on the street.

“We believe that at the individual level, vaccinated people can distribute the virus, therefore updated the recommendations,” leads the publication of the word of a federal official from health care, which asked not to call his behalf. “We did not wait for the official publication: the delay could lead to unnecessary suffering of people.”