West helps Ukraine prepare for counterattack

Western partners probably help Ukraine prepare for the possible offensive of Russia in the spring or develop new attacks to liberate territories, reports RBC-Ukraine with reference to the New York Times.

The publication notes that the decision of a number of countries to provide the Ukrainian army with heavy weapons suggests that Ukraine is preparing to strengthen hostilities.

“Ukraine intends to continue its own military offensive either in winter or after the” dirty “time in the spring. Russia also speaks of a spring offensive, said a senior representative of Western intelligence, and Ukraine” does not want them to take their breath “between the current one and the current one and the current one and the current The beginning of a new reinforced round of military operations, ”the authors of the publication noted.

At the same time, the media recalled that the Western countries have stepped over the barriers to the military assistance of Ukraine in recent weeks. We are talking about the decisions of the USA and Germany to provide Patriot air defense systems, as well as the transfer of light tanks and armored vehicles in France, USA and Germany.

The publication suggests that the possibility of transferring Western tanks to Ukraine is now very real, since the APU has achieved significant success on the battlefield. In addition, Nyt emphasizes that the West understands the likelihood of a new offensive by Russia on the anniversary of war or in the spring.