WSJ: sanctions collapsed export Russian oil

Oil exports from Russia collapsed by 22% in December due to Western sanctions and warm weather, which was reflected in the demand for fuel, reports The Insider with reference to The Wall Street Journal, which quotes the Kpler analytical agency. >

According to the agency, in December, sea exports fell up to 2.5 million barrels of oil per day, and among the countries Russia had only four partners: India, China, Turkey and Bulgaria, for which the authorities of Western countries made a temporary exception.

“warm winter made adjustments, the demand for Russian oil fell this month. The amount of demand was also reflected in the volume of export in China,” says KPLER analyst Matt Smith.

Since December 5, an oil embargo of the European Union has been operating in relation to Russian oil supplies and the maximum oil prices from Russia have been introduced. The ceiling is set at $ 60 per barrel, all deliveries at a price above are automatically losing Western services in the areas of insurance, finance, logistics, etc. The Russian side claimed that it would not supply oil to countries that would support the Western mechanism.

December 27, Russian President Vladimir Putin even published a response to the “Western ceiling”, but no severe measures are contained in it, and the wording of the document is so blurred that they retain a wide space to continue cooperation with Moscow, without violating Western sanctions , notes the publication. Nevertheless, Russia was already forced to obey the “Western ceiling”: several tankers with Western insurance in December sent oil to India, which indicates sales in accordance with the restrictions of the West.