Zelensky: Ukrainian membership in NATO is matter of time

Currently, Ukraine and NATO countries are already de facto allies, the membership of Ukraine in the Alliance is just a matter of time.

This was stated by President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky at a press conference following a meeting with the NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in Kyiv, the press service of the Ukrainian leader.

“Today the conversation has already taken place of allies. And this is a matter of time – when Ukraine becomes a member of the Alliance. We are doing everything to bring this time closer,” Zelensky said.


According to him, Stoltenberg agreed to make personal efforts to mobilize the Member States of the Blok for this purpose.

Zelensky said that during the negotiations, further work was discussed in detail on the rapprochement of Ukraine and NATO.

He noted that the new format of cooperation began at the Vilnius Summit of the Alliance – the Council of Ukraine – NATO, should ensure the movement of Kyiv in NATO and practical interaction in this direction.

“Together with NATO, we are working on the preparation of a new document – an adapted annual national program, which will determine practical steps to reach the principles and standards of the Alliance,” said Vladimir Zelensky.

Jens Stoltenberg, in turn, noted that Ukraine has powerful support from all NATO countries.

According to him, the alliance members will continue to provide Ukraine with the most modern defense equipment, including tanks, modern air defense systems, and will also train Ukrainian pilots for flights on F-16 fighter.