Latest News Timeline

Head of region thanked Turkey for help in difficult period
More than 740 families returned to Azerbaijani Fizuli as whole
More than 14.7 thousand remain flooded in Russian Federation
Turkey celebrates day of national sovereignty and children 23 April
Türkiye, Iraq, Qatar and UAE signed memorandum regarding project “Development Road”
Türkiye, Iraq, Qatar and UAE signed memorandum regarding project “Development Path”
President Erdogan met with representatives of Turkmen community of Iraq
Germany President sat on steam in Istanbul
Anatolian leopard was seen in south of Turkey
Istanbul airports in three months served over 27.1 million passengers
Foreign Ministry of Russian Federation: Relations of Moscow and Beijing are dynamically and comprehensively develop
Gagauzia: self -determination was allowed in case of unification of Moldova with Romania
Turkish President met with Prime Minister Iraq
Presidents of Turkey and Iraq held meeting in Baghdad
In Karachay-Cherkessia, they opened shooting along police, there are victims
Opinion – Erdogan’s visit to Iraq: new milestone in fight against terrorism
US will withdraw troops from Niger
Azerbaijani-Chinese relations are being discussed in Baku
Kyrgyzstan: he was detained wanted for an attempt to violent seizure of power
President Erdogan left for Iraq
39 more families returned to Azerbaijani Fizuli
British Foreign Minister arrived on visit to Tajikistan
Base of coalition forces in Syria was attacked from territory of Iraq
Namangan: another meeting of Demarkation Commission of Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan took place
Formulv-1: Max Ferstappen won Grand Prix of China
Taliban wants to take part in Summit of Organization of Islamic Cooperation
First stage of Turkish Presidential Cycling of 2024 was won by Dutch racer Jacobsen
Russia struck ballistic missiles in Odessa region
Salikha Korkmaz and Meriem Bekmes won ticket to 2024 Olympic Games in Paris
Maldives: voting in parliamentary elections is taking place
Foreign Minister: Türkiye and Iraq will sign more than 20 agreements
Authorities of Tyumen region have stated situation with flood of tense
Turkish President accepted Egyptian Foreign Minister
Future football players of Kazakhstan are prepared in football schools “Besiktash”
US Senate approved extension of disputed bill allowing “unauthorized eavesdropping”
Iraq authorities reported death of one member of Khashd Ashhabi in province of Babil
Number of victims of storm rains in Pakistan increased to 98
Stockholm positively evaluates agreements of Baku and Yerevan according to state border
Georgia: female marches will be held against law on foreign agents
At an armed attack in province in DR Congo, 16 civilians were killed
Turkish Armed Forces neutralized 5 PKK/YPG terrorists in operation zone “Euphrates Shield”
First ladies of Turkey and Nigeria discussed cooperation issues
Khashd Ash Shabi announced beginning of investigation of attack on headquarters in Iraqi province of Babil
Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation reported destruction of about 50 UAVs over various regions
In United States, they denied reports on application of air strikes on Iraq
Aviationar is applied at headquarters “Khashd Ashhabi” in Iraqi province of Babil
Hakan Fidan in Hague held meeting with representatives of Turkish community
President Erdogan held telephone conversation with Romania President Johannis