Latest News Timeline

President TRSK congratulated Erdogan on election victory
Russian Foreign Ministry condemned attack of drones in Moscow and Moscow Region
Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation reported strikes by “decision -making centers of Armed Forces”
Erdogan: winner of elected marathon became Turkish people
“Turkish Airlines” improved position in global civil aviation rating
Lukashenko instructed to form “powerful fist” on border of Belarus
Ankara was called upon Stockholm to prevent anti -Turkish provocations
Olympic champion from Turkey is preparing for new achievements
Raisi congratulated Erdogan on re -election for presidency
Kremlin announced attack of drones to Moscow “by response to blow to decision -making center”
European Union doubled volume of macrofinance assistance to Moldova
Turkish Sinop in 2023 plans to accept up to 2 million tourists
Foreign Ministry: Türkiye will continue fight against xenophobia and Islamophobia
Air temperature on Earth in next 5 years will reach record level
Ministry of Finance of Kazakhstan: secondary sanctions cannot be allowed
Russia heads list of exporting countries to Turkey
Speaker of parliament of Turkmenistan began working visit to Iran
Tokaev: Kazakhstan pursues peaceful foreign policy
Egyptian President accepted UN Supreme Commissioner
Baku: Yerevan did not learn from history
Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan are aimed at developing cooperation
Accomplices of RKK again made provocation in Sweden
Prime Minister of Japan fired his son because of scandal with party
Leaders of Nigeria and Tanzania congratulated Erdogan on election
King Morocco congratulated Erdogan on re -election
Archaeologists have discovered remains of people during excavations in Pompei
Serdar Karagez: “Anadol’s agency came out of these elections with his head highly raised”
In north of Kosovo, 25 peacekeepers KFOR were injured
Prime Minister Netherlands congratulated President of Turkey on election victory
Zelensky congratulated Erdogan on victory in election
As result of shelling in south of Idlib, 3 civilian
NATO condemned attack on peacekeepers KFOR in Kosovo
Leaders of Turkey and USA have advocated development of ties in face of modern global challenges
Leaders of Turkey and Russian Federation have agreed on further development of cooperation
Foreign Ministry: Türkiye urges parties to Kosovo to resolve situation by dialogue
Leaders of Turkey and Russian Federation held telephone conversation
Zelensky commented on missile shelling of Kyiv
Chancellor Germany invited Erdogan to make visit to Berlin
At Kyrgyz-Uzbek border, 3 checkpoints will resume work
Chancellor Germany congratulated Erdogan on election victory
Steinmeier announced threat of ultra -right extremism in Federal Republic of Germany
Xi Jinping congratulated Erdogan on victory in election
Turkish President congratulated Turkish people on 570th anniversary of Istanbul’s conquest
Belgrade: Serbian army will be transferred to border with Kosovo
Lavrov: RF Armed Forces have funds to respond to possible supply of F-16 Ukraine
NATO strengthened presence in Kosovo
Putin signed Denunciation Law of Dovs
Turkish community in Bulgaria honors memory of victims of assimilation policy