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Next batch of purified water will be dropped from Fukushima-1 nuclear power plants
Zelensky announced “risk of bias of Russian Federation” on nuclear power plants
Turkish motorcycle racers will take part in prestigious competitions in France, Netherlands and Bulgaria
Pashinyan: Early elections are not planned before division of borders
Ankara and Moscow discussed situation in gas
Over 130 illegal migrants were saved off coast of Morocco
Number of flooded residential buildings in Russian Federation reached almost 18 thousand per day
Large number of missiles and UAVs were destroyed over Belgorod, Voronezh and Rostov regions
Head of Greece Ministry of Defense: Türkiye has gone forward in production of drones
Dushanbe discussed improvement of air defense system of CIS countries
Kenya: strike of medical workers continues
Turkish President held telephone conversation with colleague from UAE
Baku: decision to withdraw Russian peacekeepers was made by leadership of Azerbaijan and Russian Federation
Scientists have discovered largest star black hole in galaxy
United States does not intend to rush to decrease in interest rates in Fed
Disagreements flare up in Poland due to participation in project “European Heavenly Shield”
4 terrorists of RSC/YPG are neutralized in north of Syria
Russia closed entrance to country for 235 citizens of Australia
NASA: mysterious object that has fallen on roof of house in Florida is “cosmic garbage”
When trying to get into Turkey from Syria, terrorist PKK/PYD was detained
Istanbul: 10 suspects in relations with DeASh in Syria were detained
Medvedev: experimental and well -known Hollywood hand is visible behind rallies in Tbilisi “
Croatia: vote in parliamentary elections is taking place
Ukraine reported victims during missile strike on Chernigov
Peak of flood is expected in coming days in Kurgan region of Russian Federation
UAE: largest amount of precipitation has been largest over past 75 years
Process of withdrawal of Russian peacekeeping contingent from Azerbaijan began
From beginning of flood in Kazakhstan, about 117 thousand were evacuated
France withdrew its ambassador in Azerbaijan for consultations
Population of Japan is reduced by thirteenth year in row
Ankara: meeting of Foreign Minister of Turkey and Deputy Secretary of State of United States took place
Croatia is preparing parliamentary election
Flooding of oceans leads to discoloration of corals in world for fourth time
Egyptian Foreign Minister will visit Turkey 16 April
In Turkey for holidays, natural parks visited almost 3 million
Yevpatoria: in fire in zoo, more than 200 animals were killed
Tyumen region announced an urgent evacuation due to floods
5 terrorists of RSC are neutralized in north of Iraq 16 April
First Turkish Earth observation satellite spent year in orbit
In historical building of 17th -century stock exchange, fire broke out in Denmark
NASA is looking for way to deliver rock samples from Mars at low cost
First semi -finalists will determine football league of Champions League
China launched satellite of remote sensing of Earth “Gaozzin-3 01”
Tokaev arrived in register injured from floods
In Azerbaijani Hankendi, weapons and ammunition were discovered 16 April
Population of Uzbekistan approached 37 million people
Foreign Minister of Serbia: Belgrade attaches special importance to strategic cooperation with Baku
Helicopter fell in Mexico, 3 people died