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Charles Michelle: next meeting of leaders of Azerbaijan and Armenia will take place on July 21 in Brussels
Azerbaijan and Ukraine support territorial integrity and sovereignty of each other
Türkiye won third gold medal at World in Taekwondo Championship
UN: As part of Black Sea Grain Initiative, 30.5 million tons of grain were transported
Moldova will resume mail with Russia
Great Britain allocated to Moldova 10.5 million pounds
Foreign Ministry: Zakharova has no right to talk about human rights
US Secretary of State called for reducing tension around Kosovo
Passenger air transportation in world increased by 45.8% per year
European summit in Moldova: EU announced support of Moldova and Ukraine
Baku discussed development of tourist relations between Azerbaijan and Turkey
Turkish military in north of Iraq surrendered 3 terrorist RKK
Turkish TPAO is aimed at new projects in Caspian region
Altun: May elections proved faith of people of Turkey in democracy
Belgorod region of Russian Federation reported shelling from territory of Ukraine
Akar: Our goal is formation of domestic technological base of Air Force of Turkey
Final results of second round of elections of President of Turkey were published
Iran discuss development of ties with northern regions of Iraq
Lukashenko: information monopoly of West forms threat to security
17 people became victims of bombing in Sudan
Turkish motorcyclists will take part in stage of World Cup in Italy
Tokaev visited Center for Innovation Creativity of Schoolchildren
Elon Musk returned to first line of rating of richest people of planet
Caspian region has turned into an energy hub – head of Ministry of Energy of Azerbaijan
In Turkish Sivas, against backdrop of rains, gateways of reservoir “Kylychka” were opened
June 1 celebrate International Children’s Day
Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Muhammad Bin Salman congratulated President Erdogan
EU allocated to Moldova non -lethal military assistance for 87 million euros
“Seville” won UEFA League for seventh time in history
In Sudan, they to extend ban on civil aviation flights
UN Secretary General Gutherrish congratulated President Erdogan
Hungarian Prime Minister Orban called President Erdogan and congratulated him on re-election to post of president of Turkey
Ankara: Final of World Cup-2023 according to modern pentathlon was launched
Erdogan negotiated with leaders of Serbia and Kosovo
In Turkey, they created model of Azerbaijani car with gum for distress zone
Germany demanded from Russian Federation to close 4 consultations
Erdogan: period of coalition governments in Turkey is closed forever
Latvian Foreign Minister won presidential election
Istanbul Airport served more than 205 million passengers from opening
Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russian Federation announced wanted list of two former ministers of defense of Ukraine
Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation announced destruction of last ship of Ukrainian Navy
Ministry of Finance: Turkey – in second place in growth rates in OECR and EU zone
Export success of Turkish drones Anka formed basis of plot of film
Moldova: II summit of European political community starts
Ashgabat and Tehran discussed trade, economic and energy partnership
Parliament of Kazakhstan ratified agreement on technical support of CSTO troops
Biden: Azerbaijan plays an important role in global energy security
Astana does not consider sending peacekeepers to border of Russian Federation and Ukraine – deputy minister