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Azerbaijan President adopted delegation of leaders of defense industry of Turkey
29 people became victims of fire in Istanbul
Estonian Prime Minister Kallas can become new NATO Secretary General
Director of SVR of Russian Federation told “ugly and criminal step” blow to Iranian consulate in Syria
Shoigu: Armed Forces of Russian Federation “asymmetrically” react to actions from Kyiv
Josep Borrel: “Fortunately, we are not at war and we will not”
United States and Jordan dropped another batch of food to residents of North Gaz
West Kazakhstan region said State of Emergency due to floods
US Air Force, South Korea and Japan conducted joint exercises
Finland: one of schools took place, there are victims
Hakan Fidan will take part in summit of heads of NATO Foreign Ministry
President of Uzbekistan adopted Minister of Public Security of China
Turkish Air Force liquidated 6 RSC terrorists in Iraq
Tokyo and Seoul reported start of ballistic missile from DPRK
UAVs attacked enterprises in Tatarstan, there are victims
President of Moldova discussed with representative of United States restoration of Ukraine
Baku reported shelling of territories of Azerbaijan from Armenian side
Russia: during collapse of breed in mine, one worker died
Foreign Minister of Turkey and Qatar exchanged views on international issues
Calle Rovanper won rally of Kenya WRC
Moscow and Baku considered issues of international interaction
Moldova President called for assisting Ukraine
Transfer value of Georgian national team increased to € 150 million
Ambassador of Russian Federation to Austria: sending Russian diplomats from Vienna reflect course to break up relations with Moscow
Azerbaijani President accepted Minister of Energy of Romania
Kyrgyz Turks in Turkish Van gather at same table on Ramazan
Baku: During anti -terrorist operation in Karabakh, more than 200 Armenia observation facilities were disabled
When attacking militants in Pakistan, two military personnel were killed
Ban on rallies in center of Bishkek was extended until June 30
Bodies of eight Chinese migrants were found off coast of Mexico
Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation reported interception of two UAVs over Belgorod region
In south of Nigeria, two iPob terrorists were liquidated
Counting of votes in municipal elections in Turkey is completed
Calculation of votes of municipal elections in Turkey is completed
Counting of votes in local elections in Turkey is completed
Counting votes in local elections in Turkey continues
As result of an armed attack in Ecuador, 8 people were killed
Leaders of Turkey and Kyrgyzstan discussed bilateral relations
Leaders of Turkey and Uzbekistan discussed bilateral ties
Leaders of Turkey and Kyrgyzstan fooled bilateral relations
Leaders of Turkey and Netherlands discussed bilateral relations
Leaders of Turkey and Uzbekistan fooled bilateral ties
Leader of Turkman Iraq: leader of Turkman tribe was killed by PKK terrorists
Azerbaijan: 7 more victims of massacre in Khojaly were buried
Togg Turkish electric car is equipped with face recognition system
Taliban: Two Americans are under arrest in Afghanistan
In Nigeria in case of murder of 16 military detained 8 people were detained
From Baikonur cosmodrome, Soyuz-2 missile started