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In Kyiv, they discussed preparation of bilateral security agreement between Ukraine and Italy
Pentagon: United States collaborates with Turkey in production of ammunition
Tomorrow in Nyon will be draw 1/8 finals of Europa League and Conferences League
Gas consumption in Europe in 2023 fell to lowest in 10 years
Belarus announced readiness to shoot down foreign aircraft in case of violation of border
Turkish special services neutralized in Syria one of leaders PKK/YPG
14th plenary session of Asian Parliamentary Assembly takes place in Baku
Mexican Foreign Minister noted importance of peace at meeting of foreign ministers G20
Leaders of Uzbekistan and Russia discussed issues of practical implementation of agreements at highest level
Macron’s unreasonable claims against Azerbaijan were condemned to Baku
US Foreign Minister and US Secretary of State discussed ceasefire in gas
Stoltenberg: We want to see how Georgia is moving to full membership in NATO
France will continue to support Armenia and provide this country with weapons support
President of Kyrgyzstan was awarded State Order of Tatarstan
New Turkish ambassador to United States and UN representative were appointed
Prime Minister of Armenia arrived on visit to France
Tusaş CEO: In first flight, Turkish fighter Kaan stayed in air for 13 minutes
Pentagon called on US Congress to approve financial assistance to Ukraine
Farmers on tractors paralyzed center of Madrid
In north-east of Syria, clashes broke out between Arabic tribes and militants of RKK/YPG
Cabinet of Cabinet Somalia approved an agreement on defense cooperation with Turkey
In Germany in 2023, there was an increase in refugee attacks
Erdogan: Türkiye has reached new heights in defense industry
In Latvia and Estonia, citizens of Russian Federation were detained “
Lithuanian Ministry of Defense: new types of support may be provided to Kyiv in near future
Ministry of Defense of Belarus: high level of US military presence in Europe is sign of militarization of region
Presidential Administration: Turkey will enter top five producers of fifth -generation aircraft
Baku and Washington agreed on dialogue for harmonizing goals of energy security and climate
Fifth -generation Turkish fighter Kaan successfully made first flight
Russian Federation, as humans, delivered 200 thousand tons of grain to number of African countries
Mongolian acrobata set new Guinness Record
Turkish Armed Forces neutralized 6 RSC terrorists in north of Iraq 21 February
Kazan will accept new high -tech tournament – “Games of Future”
In Karakas, they discussed increase in Russian-Venesuel strategic partnership
Prime Minister DR Congo resigned
Putin: Moscow categorically against placement of nuclear weapons in space
Shoigu: Russia did not place and does not plan to place nuclear weapons in space
Foreign Ministry of Russian Federation: second meeting of UN Secretary General with special representatives in Afghanistan failed
Turkish weightlifter Fatmagul Chevik won 2 bronze medals at European Championship
One of legendary German football players Andreas Brem passed away
FSB detained citizen of Russia and US
Mercedes-Benz will respond about 250 thousand
Belgium: court rejected woman’s complaint in hijab against Brussels municipality
Hungarian Foreign Minister: Georgia has long earned EU membership
Togg T10x Togg T10x electric car in snow conditions
Turkish weightlifter won bronze at European Championship
Turkish weightlifter won silver at European Championship
Estonian Prime Minister called for new solutions to support Kyiv