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Peskov: “Any extension of NATO worries Russia”
Karabakh and Kazakhstan: Putin spoke with Pashinyan
Military teachings of Russia at borders of Ukraine. United States requires clarification
Blinken: Russia will incur huge losses in case of invasion of Ukraine
Zhirinovsky predicted evacuation of millions of US inhabitants to Siberia
New information minister of Kazakhstan does not like Moscow?
Accused of fraud in 1 million manat justified
Almost 3 million passengers served in 2021 airports of Azerbaijan
Billionaire Farhad Ahmedov on birthday of son helped all families of Shechids and Veterans Gaby and Ismailla
Kremlin explained departure of Shenderovich attempt to avoid prosecution
Special services of France on three scenarios of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to Ukraine
Allahshukure Pashazade will meet with Pope Roman
Shoigu refutes Tokayeva: troops will leave after stabilization
Kremlin touched topic of attempts by state version in Uzbekistan
“Way to Pogatan Collisia”: a famous writer left Russia
Russia suspected in desire to restore USSR
Armenian media: commander of Russian peacekeepers replaced again in Karabakh
How events in Kazakhstan affect price of oil
Russia needs reinforced concrete guarantees that Georgia and Ukraine will never be members of NATO
USA: We will not allow anyone to close doors to NATO
Ankara and Washington discussed Azerbaijani-Armenian relations
Pakistan acquired Bayraktar TB2 drones
Russia is preparing to recognize Donbass independent republic
Famous Azerbaijani left post of head of company manufacturing limousine for Putin
In European Union stated that it is necessary to bring Russian troops from Kazakhstan
Yerevan: stated that Pashinyan actually “recognized himself a terrorist”
NATO stated that they would not refuse Ukraine
Buta Airways renews flights from Baku to Kazan and Ufa
NATO-Ukraine Commission meets at start of “an important week for European security”
And Kremlin did not hear anything about Nazarbayev
Maxim Shevchenko: “Nazarbayev died?”
Golden Passport Murad Efendieva
New York Times: leader of Kazakhstan to stay in power, chose Russia
Reason for collapse of Russian gas supplies to Europe
European Union mulling to understand, “What does Russia do” in Kazakhstan
“Fabulous … Conversation was complicated”: negotiations between Russia and USA in Geneva
84-year-old Indian wanted to get 12th COVID vaccine vaccine. He was detained
US demanded from Kazakhstan to explain appeal for help from CSTO
US Secretary of State: One of Putin’s goals is to restore Soviet Union
Hulusi Akar: Turkish soldiers survived on island of Nargin thanks to Azerbaijani Turks
Arkady Dubnov: “Armenia chairs in CSTO … I sympathize”
In Kremlin confirmed: Putin will take part in Summit of Kazakhstan
New York Times: Russian military surrounded Ukraine from three sides
In Moscow, they stated that they would not make concessions in favor of United States
Entering CSTO troops to Kazakhstan: what consequences may be
20 Years of US Torture – and Counting
Zakharova declared application Blinkken Children’s Sheet
USA: Washington has nothing to do with events in Kazakhstan