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Zakharov accused OSCE
Turkish Defense Minister: We will continue to maintain position of fraternal Azerbaijan
Blinken: When Russians were in your house, they are difficult to make them go
NATO Foreign Ministers address Russia’s military build-up in and around Ukraine
NATO will negotiate with Russia, consulting with Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova
And Rahmon sent his troops to Kazakhstan
Moscow gave guarantees of Nazarbayev … “And Tokayev will be another Russia”
Pashinyan and Putin discussed Kazakhstan
Zhirinovsky: “US wanted to turn Kazakhstan in Armenia”
UN urges restraint in Kazakhstan, with dozens reportedly killed
Bachelet urges peaceful resolution of grievances: Kazakhstan unrest
“Sumgayit” presented Belarusian head coach
Lavrov and Chavushoglu discussed Caucasus and Kazakhstan
Syria Torture Trial Verdict Near in Germany
Visit of head of European diplomacy in Donbass: Europe holds its “red lines”?
State Department: USA and Germany consider “the actions of Russian Federation against Ukraine” by calling world
Famous Azerbaijani cannot contact family in Kazakhstan
Emerging Economies More Optimistic about Artificial Intelligence, Survey Finds
State Department: USA will not cease calls for Russia in Georgia
Provocation against Ambassador Azerbaijan in Moldova
GOSSMI of Russia refute evacuation of President of Kazakhstan
Armenia: decided on ambassador in Russia
And Russian Foreign Ministry on events in Kazakhstan
In Ukraine, they pointed to a serious mistake of Zelensky in a conversation with Biden
Official Moscow expressed attitude to events in Kazakhstan
Chavushoglu talks and Stoltenberg
In Russia, they saw “British footprint” in Kazakhstan: Nazarbayev is transmitted “Hi”
UN chief ‘encouraged’ by first statement from key nuclear armed States
Only Ukrainian journalist accredited in Russia has left Moscow
And Algeria refused Russian fighters
In United States, they found a way to force Putin to respect Bayden
Russia: cocked procurement of power structures
British media wrote about “Overwhelming” Europe Putin
Hundreds of trucks stuck on road to border of Russia
New German Chancellor wants to meet Putin
Biden gave a promise to Zelensky
End of pandemic is predicted for May
Azerbaijan – in top three, where Russian tourists celebrate New Year holidays
In Ukraine, they stated that Putin had a compromising on Zelensky
Ambarcumian: Azerbaijan is armed, and Armenia is waiting for charity from Russia
“Main Trumps” of Russia in event of war with NATO
Largest trading transaction entered into force
Will it wait for war in coming weeks?
Ukraine: closed ports for Russian courts
Biden warned Putin about inadmissibility of invasion of Ukraine
Kosovo sends a Russian diplomat from UN Mission
Blinken and Stoltenberg discussed upcoming negotiations with Russia
Putin separately congratulated those who meet New Year at work