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Chavushoglu: Turkey holds neutrality in conflict of Russia and Ukraine
NATO Allies decide to start withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan
Secretary General welcomes US Secretary of Defense to NATO
Secretary General welcomes US Secretary of State to NATO
NATO Secretary General and Ukrainian Foreign Minister discuss Russia’s military build-up
NATO-Ukraine Commission addresses security situation in and around Ukraine
Moscow stated United States by enemy of Russia
Three Russian warns recognized Ukrainians
Turkey wanted a peaceful resolution of Russian and Ukraine’s disputes
Peskov excluded war with Ukraine
In European Parliament called for tightening sanctions against Russia
Ukraine first applied Turkish drone in Donbas
Erdogan supported Ukraine’s desire to join NATO
Erdogan: “We are in favor of territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine”
Erdogan and Zelensky negotiations in Istanbul
USA, France and Germany held negotiations in Ukraine
Zelensky flies to Turkey
US notified Turkey about passage of two warships through Bosphorus
Zurabishvili called on power of Georgia to return to Kiev
US military visited Donbass
Bitcoin set China under threat
Zardusht Alizade: “If there is no military threat to Azerbaijan, then there is no need and in Turkish bases”
Zelensky arrived in Donbass
NATO Military Committee Chairman visits Ukraine
FRG Cabinet: Ukraine does not expect Ukraine
Statement by ICC Prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, at conclusion of her visit to Mali
White House rated likelihood of Ukraine to NATO
Russia and United States discussed situation in south-east of Ukraine
State Department: We are ready to communicate with Russia in Ukraine
Interbank will present its projects on Baku Transit Forum 2021: Smart City
Kiev: rejected idea of Commandant’s hour due to Covid-19
United States stated that they intervene on side of Ukraine in event of war with Russia
Five countries in quarterfinals of Hams tournament organized by Azerbaijan
NATO International Military Staff teams up with partners to learn valuable lessons about ongoing pandemic
Ukraine refused to introduce a total locark
World leaders call for new international treaty to improve pandemic response
Chess online series “Karabakh IS Azerbaijan” ended, conducted with support of NAR
Ukraine experienced Turkish drones over Black Sea
Exacerbation in Donbass: Zelensky reacted to death of military
100 million more children fail basic reading skills because of COVID-19
Fight in Donbas: four Ukrainian military died
Ukraine: judges are planning to replace with robots
Office of Prosecutor publishes Draft Policy on Situation Completion for consultation
Human Rights Council Extends Mandates on Syrian Arab Republic, South Sudan and Mali
Human Rights Council Renews Mandate of Special Rapporteur on Myanmar, Adopts Resolutions on Belarus and on Right to Food
European Committee of Social Rights: 2020 Conclusions on employment, training and equal opportunities
Human Rights Council Adopts 10 Resolutions, Renews Mandates on Cultural Rights, Albinism, Privacy
Human Rights Council Renews Mandate of Special Rapporteur on Environment, Adopts Resolutions on Sri Lanka, Nicaragua