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‘Smart’ use of rapid tests critical amid COVID surge
Building Back Better toward renewed social contractInvesting in human rights-based recovery from Covid and implementation of 2030 Agenda
Main risks for economy in 2022
US contributes $10 million to support UN food agency efforts on Covid response, future pandemics
IMF Discusses Ex-Post Evaluation of Argentina’s Exceptional Access Under 2018 Stand-By Arrangement
Azerbaijani grenades will replace Turkish in Russia
Military Powers Stymie Ban: Killer Robots
Ten teams from South America will participate in Nations League
Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights Urges All Parties to Pull Back from Posture of War in Ethiopia
Human Rights Council President Appoints Members of Racial Justice Body
Covid cases and deaths in Americas triple during 2021
IMF Team Statement on Argentina
Human rights council elects federico villegas of argentina as its president for 2022
World Bank supports Uruguay as country advances its commitment to agro-ecological production
UN torture prevention body announces visits for 2022
Universidad Nacional de La Plata wins 9th ICC Moot Court Competition, Spanish version
Violence against women must stop; five stories of strength and survival
Legendary maradon was buried without a heart. doctor told why
Call to do more to prevent arms trafficking, ‘defining factor’ in undermining peace
Second case in history: Argentinka got rid of HIV without drugs
Address Abuses Raised at UN Review in Papua New Guinea
Countries commit to develop climate-smart health care at COP26 UN climate conference
ILO reaches ratification target for landmark social security Convention
Human Rights Council requests High Commissioner for Human Rights to designate an Expert on human rights situation
CSOs welcome political commitment to end international oil, gas, and coal finance by end of 2022, say others need to follow suit
Financial Institutions and Agribusinesses Commit $3 Billion to Sustainable Production
Right to social security, matter of ‘the utmost urgency’
World Economic Forum Puts Focus on Cities with Public-Private Collaborations at Global Summit
Millions missing out on remote learning during emergencies: UNICEF
Best countries for pensioners
Ashotan: Armenia is a political misunderstanding. This is not a state, but habitat
Azerbaijan opened another for 23 countries
Noncompetitive Rights Council Election Aids Abusers: UN
ICC and France conclude Agreement on Enforcement of Sentences
UN Child Rights Committee rules that countries bear cross-border responsibility for harmful impact of climate change
Human Rights Council Extends Mandates on Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, Cambodia and Libya
Ex-president fought Iran for personal benefit. case stopped
Human Rights Council appoints Special Rapporteur on protection of human rights
Human Rights Council adopts four resolutions on right to development, human rights and indigenous peoples
Human Rights Council adopts four resolutions on child early and forced marriage, negative legacies of colonialism
Human Rights Council Appoints for One Year Special Rapporteur on Situation of Human Rights in Afghanistan
Unprecedented drought in a hundred years, jungle of Amazonia covered
World Bank Provides US$ 500 Million to Strengthen Argentinas Covid Vaccination Plan
Committee on Rights of Child closes eghty-eighth session after adopting concluding observations on reports of Czech Republic
ILO warns of recovery with high unemployment and worrying informality in Latin America and Caribbean
Demand for Circular Economy Solutions Prompts Business and Government Changes
Atrocious Crime of Enforced Disappearance Continues to Happen and Takes New Shapes and Forms
Thousands of Persons Are Subjected to Arbitrary Detention Each Year