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Famous tobacco company leaves Russia, leaving Russians without Glo and Kent
Tenth African Fiscal Forum – statement by European Commissioner for International Partnerships and Managing Director
NATO Secretary General addresses Polish National Assembly
Russian attacks on civilian targets in Ukraine could be war crime: UN rights office
Additional Referrals from Japan and North Macedonia; Contact portal launched for provision of information
NATO explained why not clog sky over Ukraine
Stoltenberg on Ukraine’s accession to NATO 12 March
In Russia Blocked and Instagram
Ukraine announces Margarita Simonyan to international wanted list
UN rights experts raise alarm over Russia’s ‘choking’ media clampdown at home
UN experts alarmed by ‘choking’ information clampdown: Russia
Civilian casualty update: Ukraine 12 March
Lukashenko claims that Ukraine would attack Belarus if it were not for “preventive blow” of Russia
Press briefing notes on Ukraine 11 March
Dozens of Russian servicemen detained in Sumy region
Statement of Thirty-first Polio IHR Emergency Committee
EUROMISION: Whatever Europe has to abandon Russian hydrocarbons
Putin supported proposal Shoigu to convey trophy western armament “DPR” and “LNR”
Borrel stated mistake of promise of Ukraine to NATO membership
Eurowood stood up for “new newspaper”
Putin agreed with proposal to attract volunteers to Ukraine
Secretary General underlines importance of Turkey’s contributions to NATO
Germany resolved “blessing” to citizens of third countries that fled from war in Ukraine
Biden: We aimed at main artery of Russian economy
WHO recommended Ukraine to destroy all dangerous pathogens
Results of EU summit: Russia and its report Belarus carry full responsibility for war
US intelligence: Russian troops are not considered with risks of losses among civilians in Ukraine
Russian Air-Dropped Bombs Hit Residential Area in Ukraine
YEMEN: Plight of Population is Growing as World Attention Wanes
Zelensky About Mariupol Blocade
Facebook allowed citizens of Azerbaijan to call for violence against Russian soldiers
State Department said that United States would support Kyiv’s efforts, and Moscow creates illusion of negotiations
General Staff: Army of Ukraine is constrained by offensive of Russians
Prosecutor General: A resident of Kharkov sold Russia for 40 thousand coordinates of plant and military facility
State Department denies: US does not own biological laboratories in Ukraine
Experts of Committee on Rights of Persons with Disabilities Commend Hungary’s Recognition
Human Rights Council Holds Separate Interactive Dialogues with Independent Expert on Foreign Debt and with Special Rapporteur
Failure to Administer Covid Vaccines in Fair and Equitable Manner is Prolonging Pandemic
Azerbaijani TV viewers suffered because of Russia
Russia declares “silence regime” in Ukraine
Chavushoglu: Putin is not against direct negotiations with Zelensky
UN and partners boost presence and aid supplies inside Ukraine
CHBO Secretary: Ukraine was preparing for an attack, but did not expect a “strike in back” from Belarus
In United States, explained why transfer of Polish fighters against Ukraine
UN: more than 2.3 million inhabitants of Ukraine became refugees
Macron believes that discussing Ukraine’s accession to European Union is now unreal
Western companies can lose hundreds of aircraft
Macron stated that he did not expect crisis permission in Ukraine in near future