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In US “inspired by” negotiations of Putin and Macron, but prepared for refugees and gas deficit
NATO Deputy Secretary General to mark anniversary of NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence in Lithuania
In case “God,” Serbia is inhabited by food because of situation around Ukraine
Ankara about dialogue with Israel, visit Putin and talks on Donbass
Macron about a meeting with Putin and Zelensky
France will allocate Ukraine € 1.2 billion
US military arrived in Romania
Zelensky holds a meeting with maron
Estonia handed over to Ukraine a third of their Javelin
Kremlin denies: no transactions of Putin and Macron in Ukraine
Poroshenko’s sweets tried to bring to Russia under guise of Kazakhstani
After statement of Lukashenko in Armenia, alarm
Biden: “I spent numerous talks with Putin. I do not think that he himself knows what will do,”
“Absolute nonsense”: Chancellor of Germany responded to allen’s declarations with Russia
“We will understand yourself.” Poroshenko replied Putin
Uncertainty and harsh winter conditions deepen suffering for families along line of contact
NATO Secretary General discusses Russian military build-up with President of Poland
NATO Deputy Secretary General in Oslo to discuss Ukraine and future of NATO
NATO thanks Erdogan
Lukashenko said Aliyev: “Ilham, give me a couple of oil tankers”
Businessman Mahmudov appeared before court
Russia will increase gas transit through Ukraine
Heads of Foreign Ministry of Austria, Czech Republic and Slovakia flew and supported Ukraine
Macron before meeting with Putin and Zelensky phoned with Biden
German Chancellor warned about “far-reaching” sanctions against Russia
Minister of Defense of Ukraine on “Invasion Threat” of Russia: probability of attack is low
Iran and Ukraine discussed Biden and Premier Israel
Lukashenko made statements in Ukraine
“The path to signing was about 20 years old”: in Ukraine, a conclusion was told about concluded with Turkey
In Russia, they told, wait for collapse of ruble
Britain sent elite special forces to Ukraine
Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry and Embassy of Ukraine gathered together
Ilham Aliyev Zelensky: relationship of Azerbaijan and Ukraine came to level of strategic partnership
German companies can massively go from Russian market
Stoltenberg and von der Layen discussed Ukraine
Lukashenko: There will be no war with Ukraine
Ukraine received an eighth batch of military assistance since beginning of year
Ukraine offered its gas storage facilities to Azerbaijan
UN: commented on headline of Bloomberg about “invasion of Russia to Ukraine”
Macron and Johnson discussed situation around Ukraine and sanction against Russia
In NATO, they told why Ukraine will not come to alliance in near future
Lukashenko explained what he differs from Yanukovych: he had a lot of money
Why in Azerbaijan refuse to recognize diplomas obtained abroad
Poland will send weapons to Ukraine
Kremlin advises not to believe State Department
Erdogan touched visit of Ilham Aliyev to Ukraine
Prime Minister of Ukraine called Ali Asadov
Ukraine found an alternative to Russian gas