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Fox News TV channel reported on injury of his correspondent in Kyiv
Ukraine war ‘most severe’ test ever for European security body
Human Rights Council Holds Annual Interactive Debate on Rights of Persons with Disabilities on Theme of Statistics and Data
Secretary General condemns Russian Federation’s aggression, calls for solidarity with Ukraine
Putin and Bennet were phoned to discuss Ukraine
Pashinyan and Blinken discussed situation on border of Azerbaijan with Armenia
Russian invasion of Ukraine predetermined fate of Finland
Culba talked to Abdollahian before his trip to Moscow
Ukraine health facilities ‘stretched to breaking point’, warns WHO
European Union agreed on fourth package of sanctions against Russia
Scholz: Russia is moving away from world community every day
Zelensky office claims that Russia ranked defense near Kiev and Kharkov
Ukrainian Prime Minister demands that Russia be immediately ousted from Council of Europe
‘We need peace now’ declares Guterres, warning of global hunger meltdown
Women and girls must lead battle against ‘widespread and interlinked crises’
Human Rights Council Discusses Artificial Intelligence in Context of Rights of Persons with Disabilities and Importance of Farmers’
Yanukovych suggested a green conflict resolution plan
Hungary against supply of weapons to Ukraine
Yemen facing ‘outright catastrophe’ over rising hunger, warn UN humanitarians
Civilian casualties: Ukraine
Russia announced full control over Melitopol and Kherson
Psychological first aid for Ukrainian people
Ukraine stated that Russian military arranged an explosion near Zaporizhzhya NPP
Georgian “Thief in Law” ran away from Ukrainian prison after shelling
Zelensky: Russia no longer knows where to look for reserves
British minister proposed his home for Ukrainian refugees
Ukrainian army took control of track Nikolaev – New Odessa
Pfizer will send profits received in Russia to help citizens of Ukraine
German chemical giant suspends investment in Russia
In Kremlin stated that Russia did not appeal for help in China
Ukraine inflicted a “crushing” blow to Russian troops in Zaporizhia
Kremlin: did not answer question about deadline for end of “special operation” in Ukraine
Russia threatened to take control of major cities of Ukraine
In Kremlin there is no data about finding Kadyrov in Ukraine
Without light in Ukraine there are thousands of settlements
Zurabishvili asks Kyiv to return ambassador of Ukraine in Tbilisi
90 children were killed in Ukraine
Japanese company to leave Russia without tires
In European Council declared reserve of sanctions against Russia
China demanded from United States to clarify its military-biological activities in Ukraine
With Tech Firms Pulling Out, Internet Spiraling into Isolation in Russia
Australia introduced sanctions against 33 Russian businessmen and their family members
Night Russian troops fired 23 cities and regions of Ukraine
In France captured Putin’s daughter villa
Bahamas’s offshore accounts are blocked on Bahamas
Ukraine: ICRC calls for urgent solution to save lives and prevent worst-case scenario in Mariupol
Kadyrov assures that thousands of Chechen law enforcement officers are “waiting for their own hours”
Kadyrov responds to threat of murder