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Ilham Aliyev Zelensky: relationship of Azerbaijan and Ukraine came to level of strategic partnership
German companies can massively go from Russian market
Stoltenberg and von der Layen discussed Ukraine
Lukashenko: There will be no war with Ukraine
Ukraine received an eighth batch of military assistance since beginning of year
Ukraine offered its gas storage facilities to Azerbaijan
UN: commented on headline of Bloomberg about “invasion of Russia to Ukraine”
Macron and Johnson discussed situation around Ukraine and sanction against Russia
In NATO, they told why Ukraine will not come to alliance in near future
Lukashenko explained what he differs from Yanukovych: he had a lot of money
Why in Azerbaijan refuse to recognize diplomas obtained abroad
Poland will send weapons to Ukraine
Kremlin advises not to believe State Department
Erdogan touched visit of Ilham Aliyev to Ukraine
Prime Minister of Ukraine called Ali Asadov
Ukraine found an alternative to Russian gas
In European Commission stated that launch of “Northern Flow-2” will depend on behavior of Russia
State Department threatened to Chinese companies for softening sanctions against Russia
Putin and Macron for third time for week discussed situation around Ukraine
Pentagon: Russia can “fabricate preposition for invasion” to Ukraine
EuroPutat: According to intelligence data, Russian troops are not ready for attack
NATO and EU Ambassadors meet to discuss crisis in Ukraine
Finding homes for more than million displaced Ukrainians
Erdogan about Ukrainian-Russian conflict: Turkey is ready to contribute to establishment of world
Secretary General welcomes Prime Minister of North Macedonia to NATO
Minister of Defense of Ukraine: probability of war with Russia is low
Ukraine will buy new drones from Turkey
Erdogan told when Putin will visit Turkey
Fahrettin Altun: “Agreements with Ukraine are not directed against Russia”
Biden and Macron discussed Ukraine
Ukraine and NATO: Putin and Johnson finally talked
“Plans are”: Kremlin of Russia’s readiness for ban of dollar operations
Canada will put military equipment to Ukraine
Zelensky explained supply of weapons from abroad
Foreign Minister of Ukraine: special status of Donbass will not
Poland approved transfer of anti-aircraft missile systems to Ukraine
Pentagon stated that Russia has no “veto rights” to join NATO
Erdogan explained Turkey’s relations with Russia
Erdogan: Turkey does not want war, “about which they say all time”
FINANCIAL TIMES: In European Union, they offered to limit Russia’s access to IMF tools
Boris Johnson flew to Kiev
Head of Committee for CIS State Duma of Russia: “Moscow – not yet capital of Armenia”
Head of Central Bank of Armenia: Sanctions against Russia may have severe consequences for Yerevan
NATO engages with partners to help shape next Strategic Concept
500 tons of ammunition from United States received Ukraine
Polish company purchased gas in United States for Ukraine
Army of Ukraine will increase by 100 thousand people
Gold is becoming more expensive on news about situation around Ukraine