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Important statements by Hulusi Akar on conflict between Ukraine and Russia
Separatist “DNR” accused Ukraine in shelling
“Krasuha” against “Baiktatar”: situation is rapidly sharpened on line of contact
Zelensky rides in Munich and meet with Johnson and Scholts
Ukrainian military died in Donbas 19 February
Near Russian-Ukrainian border broke projectile
Shelling Residential Areas Puts Civilians at Risk in Ukraine
Blinken and Lavrov will meet on February 23
NATO Secretary General takes part in call with US President Biden
White House of Sanctions against Russia: What will happen in “package”?
British Embassy is evacuated from Kiev to Lviv
EU: Russia is responsible for escalating in Donbas
Conflict in Ukraine disrupting entire generation of children: UNICEF
Oil is cheaper against background of “nuclear” negotiations Iran and USA
USA: Moscow can take advantage of absence of Zelensky to start invasion
EU countries will impose sanctions against Russian Federation in event of war against Ukraine and warn Belarus
Secretary General meets US Vice President Kamala Harris
Time to ‘seriously de-escalate’ tensions over Ukraine, Guterres tells Munich conference
Kiev refutes Donbass shelling statements: Lies and provocations
UN Secretary General: “Wars in Ukraine will not”
Russia declares exacerbation of situation in Donbas. What’s happening?
In Kremlin, they stated that Putin sleeps calmly at night
Moscow is concerned about escalation of situation in Donbas
AKAR: “Turkey will continue to make necessary efforts to reduce tensions between Russia and Ukraine”
Poroshenko did not yet decide whether to run for presidency of Ukraine
Washington Post reported a “trick” of Russia, who announced removal of forces from Ukraine
Kiev: prepared for evacuation of all residents of city
UN political affairs chief calls for ‘maximum restraint’
Israel took out of Ukraine over 3 thousand of their citizens
UN: called Russia and Ukraine to maximum restraint
Blinken spoke to UN and again explained soon “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine”
Biden: threat of invasion of Russia to Ukraine is very high
Gold rosta in price due to situation around Ukraine and inflation in US
Zelensky went to forefront in Donbas
NATO Defence Ministers reaffirm their strong commitment to open door policy, and importance of partnerships
Zelensky: “Not only Russia counteracts entry of Ukraine in NATO”
In Kremlin, they stated that situation at boundaries of Russia “can ignite at any time”
Calm in Donbass was replaced by exacerbation
Stoltenberg: “NATO still does not see signs of de eurosis around Ukraine”
Entrepreneur-fraudster extradited to Azerbaijan
Politico stated a new date of “Russian invasion” to Ukraine
Pentagon reminded Europe about importance of unity in Ukrainian question
Great Britain refuses “Golden Visas”
In Ukrainian army are ready for “worst scenarios”
United States is preparing sanctions against “Inner Circle” Putin
Moscow: Voltage around Ukraine is beneficial to United States, they need to “win” gas market
Azerbaijani national team received right to play in World Cup
Moscow requires public refusal to NATO to take Ukraine to Alliance