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New theses of Nicholas Patrushev in Ukraine
Passenger traffic at airports Azerbaijan has grown by almost 200%
Pro-Russian deputy in Ukraine was deprived of mandate
Bodies of those who died in Ukraine of Azerbaijanis today will be delivered to their homeland
Chavushoglu: Turkey will work with Russia and Ukraine
Negotiations of delegations of Ukraine and Russia resumed
Kremlin refused to predict terms of agreement with Ukraine
Ministry of Finance of Ukraine: damage from war has already amounted to $ 500 billion
China supported Ukraine and sent humanitarian aid
Zelensky signed a law on criminal liability for cooperation with Russia
About 20 deputies of Verkhovna Rada escaped from Ukraine
In Kremlin commented on Putin and Yanukovych contacts
Lavrov and Abdollahian met in Moscow to discuss Ukraine
Former Deputy Prime Minister of Russia opposed war in Ukraine
Congress President strongly condemns abduction of Mayors and pressure on local and regional authorities in Ukraine
“Council of Europe has been at forefront to ensure a prompt, cohesive and strong reaction”, says Della Vedova
Ali Asadov on how to affect Azerbaijan War in Ukraine
Exempting Ukrainians from jewelry law while applying it to others is outright discrimination: Denmark
General Staff of Ukraine declared losses of Russia for 20 days of war
Norwegian oil gigant will stop selling Russian oil
New York Times: Russia puts on rockets new false goals
Spain: arrested a yacht of Russian billionaire
United Kingdom Ministry of Defense: Russia can apply biological weapons in Ukraine
CNN: Russian soldiers in Ukraine remained without products
Negotiations between Russia and Ukraine. An encouraging statement Zelensky
Ukrainian hunter undermined himself together with Russian military
Mazda will leave Russia without its cars
Ukraine declared liquidation of famous separatist “Clooney”
Zelensky offered Rada to extend martial law
White House: USA “Fully crushed” Russia’s economy
In Ukraine, they opened a criminal case against Maria Zakharova
Pentagon: Russian offensive stalled almost everywhere
Chavushoglu and Lavrov spent telephone conversations
Sun of Ukraine: on Donetsk direction technique and live strength of Russian military
Fox News TV channel reported on injury of his correspondent in Kyiv
Ukraine war ‘most severe’ test ever for European security body
Human Rights Council Holds Annual Interactive Debate on Rights of Persons with Disabilities on Theme of Statistics and Data
Secretary General condemns Russian Federation’s aggression, calls for solidarity with Ukraine
Putin and Bennet were phoned to discuss Ukraine
Pashinyan and Blinken discussed situation on border of Azerbaijan with Armenia
Russian invasion of Ukraine predetermined fate of Finland
Culba talked to Abdollahian before his trip to Moscow
Ukraine health facilities ‘stretched to breaking point’, warns WHO
European Union agreed on fourth package of sanctions against Russia
Scholz: Russia is moving away from world community every day
Zelensky office claims that Russia ranked defense near Kiev and Kharkov
Ukrainian Prime Minister demands that Russia be immediately ousted from Council of Europe
‘We need peace now’ declares Guterres, warning of global hunger meltdown