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Lukashenko promised to ensure safety of Russian-Ukrainian negotiations
Diversants planned to blow up a bridge in Kiev
“Manchester United” broke contract with Aeroflot due to situation in Ukraine
Kremlin: Putin is ready to send a delegation to Minsk for negotiations with Ukraine
Pope proposed mediation in resolving situation in Ukraine
Ministry of Defense of Russia: airfield in Gostomel is captured. Kiev “blocked from West”
In Kremlin they told, as they will answer Western sanctions
China has suspended purchase of oil from Russia
Erdogan accused West in idleness: “Only make that they act with many advice to Ukraine
Zelensky’s office: most dangerous situation has developed to northwest of Kiev
Zelensky appealed to Putin: let’s sit at negotiating table
Russia thanks Georgia for refusing to introduce sanctions against Moscow
Press briefing notes on Ukraine
CNN: Zelensky was taken to bunker due to onset of Russian troops on Kiev
Hikmet Hajiev expressed position of Azerbaijan on situation in Ukraine
In Mariupol go fights
Reznikov: We have already managed to break plans of Russian invaders
Lavrov: actions of Kiev and West plunged Ukraine in tragedy
Sanctions of European Union will include almost complete cessation of business relations with Russia
Fuel deficit was recorded in Ukraine
General Staff of Ukraine: Russian troops are trying to attack Kiev, city of Konotop is lost
Shooting of government quarter in Kiev
Jeyhun Bayramov: Yesterday and today 100 citizens of Azerbaijan passed from Ukraine to Moldova
Russia reported destruction of 118 facilities of military infrastructure of Ukraine
Ministry of Defense of Russia confirmed capture of Chernobyl NPP
Zelensky’s office: Ukraine is ready for negotiations on neutral status, but
Lithuania calls on countries of Europe to provide military assistance to Ukraine
France Defense Minister: Europe and United States can not fight with Russia
Macron explained Putin’s call at request of Zelensky
Ukraine officially appealed to Turkey: Ankara answered
National Bank of Ukraine banned banks with Russian and Belarusian
NASA: Sanctions will not affect US and Russia cooperation on ISS
France will provide Ukraine to economic assistance
Statement from ICRC President Peter Maurer on conflict in Ukraine
Hackers Anonymous stated Russian cybervarov
World Bank is ready to provide Ukraine immediate financial assistance
Ministry of Defense of Ukraine: In Seversk direction there are fights
Turkey: stopped trying to protest action to Russian Embassy
NATO will not establish a useless zone over Ukraine: “Putin not to stop bunch of aircraft”
VSU reports Boylyk airfield bombardment
Vice-Chancellor FRG admitted that Germany truly can’t help Ukraine
UN Secretary General called on Putin to stop war in Ukraine
Putin told Makron about causes of military operation in Ukraine
Minister of Defense of Ukraine: stopped Russians near Kharkov and dropped back
WHO Director-General: Deeply concerned over escalating health crisis in Ukraine
Azerbaijanis export from Ukraine to Moldova
Ministry of Defense of Ukraine: Russian troops are retreating in Sumy region
Poland: banned broadcasting of Russian TV channels