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Borrel: sanctions are not aimed at overthrowing political regime in Russia
Ukraine: Amid mounting human cost, parties must uphold international humanitarian law
Head of Zelensky office asks to exclude Russia from UN
World Bank will allocate half a billion dollars
Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Chanel closed their stores in Russia
State Department on creation of an invoicial zone over Ukraine: this will lead to war in Europe
WFP ramping up operations as hunger rises in Ukraine
Blinken: We will open Pandora drawer
Ukrainian rescuers have shown than Russian military bombing Kharkov
MFA of Ukraine accuses NATO in weakness
‘Unprecedented’ number of traumatized people flee Ukraine
“Big Seven” agreed to gradually refuse Russian gas
Ukrainian army missed a long-suffering Gostomel
BBC: Three high-ranking Russian military already died in Ukraine
Kherson: a rally was not held for creating so-called “HNR”: people came out with Ukrainian flags
US Secretary of State believes that war in Ukraine may not end soon
Food Price Index hit record high in February, UN agency reports
Johnson and Erdogan emphasized importance of international condemnation of Russia’s actions in Ukraine
UN committee urges end to killings of children: Ukraine
Azal delivered to his homeland another 191 citizen of Azerbaijan
Human Rights Council to establish Commission of Inquiry on Ukraine
Russia hits Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, no radioactive leaks
Blinken promised to do everything possible to stop conflict in Ukraine
Human Rights Council establishes an Independent International Commission of Inquiry to investigate all alleged violations of human
German Chancellor urged Putin to immediately stop “special operation” in Ukraine
UN: 331 peaceful resident killed in Ukraine, 675 injured
Pretchers about timing and place of new negotiations: Russia refuses other places except Belarus
With War, Censorship Reaches New Heights in Russia 5 March
NATO predicted deterioration of situation in Ukraine in coming days
NATO Foreign Ministers meet amidst escalating Russian aggression in Ukraine
Kremlin about contact of Kadyrov: only Putin makes decisions
Zelensky’s office: Russian troops partly control Zaporizhia NPP
Protection and participation of women is essential, say UN human rights experts: Ukraine
Culba appealed to NATO: if you don’t close sky, they will become responsible for death of Ukrainians
Lukashenko told about a two-hour conversation with Putin
Aged and those with disabilities face heightened risks, say UN experts: Ukraine
Ukraine: Azerbaijani died as a result of a missile strike
“We are white and fluffy”: Lukashenko on participation of Belarusians in special operation of Russia in Ukraine
Ex-Prime Minister of Ukraine believes that Russia suggests order in Ukraine
Stoltenberg: NATO is not a party to conflict in Ukraine
In Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation stated number of military facilities of Ukraine
Heads of NATO Foreign Ministry will discuss “long-term consequences” of conflict in Ukraine
UN rights body should urgently create monitoring & accountability mechanism
NATO Secretary General welcomes US Secretary of State to NATO
Minister of Defense told where most difficult situation in Ukraine is now in Ukraine
Russia asks Red Cross to help in finding Russian prisoners of war in Ukraine
Czech Republic introduced a state of emergency
US introduces export restrictions for organizations and persons related to Russia