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Ukraine was told about situation in Kyiv
Evacuation of residents begins in Mariupol
Americans went to Maduro
General Staff of Ukraine explained shot down Russian aircraft
“Doctors Without Borders”: Humanitarian situation in Mariupol Catastrophic
Boris Johnson presented an assistance plan to Ukraine
IMF warned: War in Ukraine “will seriously affect world economy
Ukraine creates camps for Russian prisoners of war
Three thousand Americans go to war with Russia
Zelensky discussed with Biden’s sanction against Russia
Biden appealed to Russians: Do you really want a bloody war?
Ukraine: assistant deputy was caught on spying to Russia
Their oil smells like Ukrainian blood: Kyiv calls on West to strengthen sanctions against Russia
Zelensky: we endured and together rebuild state
Mariupol Mayor: We are in blockade, we kill us
Shell apologized for purchase of Russian oil
Trudou says that Canada has no combat aircraft suitable for Ukraine
Blinken and Culba held talks on Polish-Ukrainian border
Destruction of helicopters, prisoner pilots: Summary of General Staff of Ukraine
And IBM will no longer trade with Russia
Crisis chief calls for ‘humanitarian pause’, urgent UN aid arrives, WHO condemns healthcare attacks
Killed one of separatists commanders in Ukraine
Israeli Prime Minister came to Putin and discussed Ukraine
Kadyrov suggested Zelensky to convey power to Yanukovych
In area of Zhytomyr, they shot down four Ukrainian Su-27
IMF Staff Statement on Economic Impact of War in Ukraine
Zelensky reported when following negotiations will be held with Moscow
Putin promised not to send conscripts and reservists to Ukraine
Putin: Ukraine can “close” including in Crimea
Nikolaev under franchise
Couulb about NATO refusal to close sky over Ukraine
France: recommended that companies do not rush to leaving Russia
Jeyhun Bayramov called on Russia and Ukraine to negotiate
Mevlyut Chavushoglu about Shushinsky Declaration, relations with Armenia and situation in Ukraine
Neqsol Holding about evacuation of Azerbaijani citizens from Ukraine
In Rada, they declared murder of a member of Ukrainian delegation in negotiations with Russia
Chavushglu: Turkey does everything for evacuation of Azerbaijanis from Ukraine
Bayramov and Chavushoglu discussed region
Italy took up Russian oligarchs
Azerbaijani family died during shelling of Kharkov
British intelligence: Ukraine keeps Kharkov and Mariupol, but Russia comes
In Kharkov direction, Russian troops are pushed back to border
“We are widespread front”: latest news about Russian “special operation” in Ukraine
US Secretary of State: “Ukraine is able to win war that went not according to Putin’s plan”
Johnson: Before confrontation of Western troops with Russia in Ukraine “still far”
Ruble recorded to manat record
US Ambassador to UN: Russian troops are approaching second largest nuclear facility of Ukraine
General Staff of Ukraine: There are fierce battles