All ukraine news and updates

Pentagon stated that Russia could attack Ukraine today
Putin: Biden assured that Ukraine in NATO will not be
In Russian Federation declared destruction of two Ukrainian BMP and five killed military personnel
Biden asked Macgron about meeting with Putin
Berbok appealed to Putin: “Do not play with human lives …”
“DNR” declares fights on border with Russia
US has prepared sanctions against Russian banks
Russia announced a massive shelling from Ukraine
Ban Trade with Illegal Settlements: Europe
Makron proposed to hold Putin’s Summit and Biden. They agreed
Biden 15 minutes secretly spoke with Macron
US military and Poland began teaching near border of Ukraine
Announced conversation of Erdogan with Putin
Putin and Macron decided how to stop escalation of conflict in Ukraine
Ambassador Antonov: Russia does not plan to “invasion” to Ukraine and says Donbass and Lugansk Ukrainian
Washington is concerned about decision of Moscow and Minsk
Bennette turned to Israelis in Ukraine: no time to rely on maybe, return
Macron called Zelensky after negotiations with Putin
Kremlin: Russia never attacked anyone
West considers that he cannot forever offer Russia “Olive Branch”
European Union did not believe statements of Donetsk separatists
In Russia, they announced 40 thousand refugees from “DPR” and “LNR”
London stated about “the worst scenario that may happen next week”
AKAR said part of reports on hostilities in Ukraine Fake
Zelensky explained tragedy of Ukraine and Russia
In case of sanctions: 50 tons of dollars were brought to Russia
Biden convenes Council of National Security due to Ukraine
ICRC calls on sides to spare critical civilian infrastructure in eastern Ukraine
Stoltenberg believes that Russia is preparing a large-scale attack on Ukraine
Ukraine announced arrival of aircraft with a weapon from Canada
Blinken: statements of Russian authorities are offensive
Head of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, deputies of Rada and journalists hit shelling in Donbas
Zalkaliani: In Munich, a separate panel discussion in South Caucasus
Blinken: To meet with Lavrov, you need Russia to attack Ukraine
NATO Secretary General meets world leaders at Munich Security Conference
And France called on their citizens to leave Ukraine
Vladimir Zelensky threatened to get out of Budapest Memorandum
China supported territorial integrity of Ukraine
Germany turned to its citizens in Ukraine: Leave
Zelensky demands from West of honest answers
NATO Secretary General: there is no real security in Europe without strong transatlantic bond
NATO temporarily closed office in Kiev
Zelensky and Johnson agreed to coordinate further steps
Meeting of G7 Foreign Minister began in Munich
Pentagon head: conflict in Ukraine is not inevitable
Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine in an interview with HAQQIN.AZ: “Our task is to return occupied territories”
Richest man of Ukraine went to Switzerland, but promised to return
NATO calls for Russia to take troops from borders of Ukraine