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Failure to Administer Covid Vaccines in Fair and Equitable Manner is Prolonging Pandemic
Azerbaijani TV viewers suffered because of Russia
Russia declares “silence regime” in Ukraine
Chavushoglu: Putin is not against direct negotiations with Zelensky
UN and partners boost presence and aid supplies inside Ukraine
CHBO Secretary: Ukraine was preparing for an attack, but did not expect a “strike in back” from Belarus
In United States, explained why transfer of Polish fighters against Ukraine
UN: more than 2.3 million inhabitants of Ukraine became refugees
Macron believes that discussing Ukraine’s accession to European Union is now unreal
Western companies can lose hundreds of aircraft
Macron stated that he did not expect crisis permission in Ukraine in near future
World must unite in face of Russia’s ‘violation of international law’
Leonid Kuchma appealed to Ukrainians
Council of Europe to discuss further measures against Russia
Civilian casualty update: Ukraine 11 March
UN rights chief leads call for global Covid vaccine equity
Advisor Zelensky: loss of Ukraine because of war is already up to at least $ 100 billion
European Union will allocate half a billion to Ukrainian army
Implementing ECHR judgments: latest decisions from Committee of Ministers
Putin stated that gas transmission system of Ukraine was loaded by 100%
IMF Staff Completes Staff Visit to Guinea
Ukraine: intelligence division of Russian troops was broken: “Most – with Chechen surnames”
China welcomes laurels and cooled negotiations
Byjden administration can impose sanctions against Rosatom
Pandora also leaves Russia and Belarus
Premier Estonia: In Ukraine, Putin went Va-Bank
Statement on Impact of Crisis in Ukraine
Chelsea is waiting for collapse?: Any financial activity is paralyzed in club
Scandinavian media will publish news about war in Ukraine in Russian
Ukraine stated number of children who died during military
Monetary policy decisions: ECB 10 March
Estonia suspended issuance of visas to Russians
Zelensky signed a law on forced dissemination of property of Russian Federation and its citizens in Ukraine
Putin discussed on phone with Macron and Scholets War in Ukraine
Saakashvili declared completion of hunger strike
Lukashenko declared absence of Ukrainian border guards from Belarusian border
Lavrov and Culba discussed possibility of meeting Putin and Zelensky
European Union reached limit of sanctions against Russia
Break link between illicit drugs and social media: UN-backed report
Kremlin commented on participation of Russian conscripts in “Special Operations” in Ukraine
PACE to debate consequences of Russian Federation’s aggression against Ukraine at two-day extraordinary session
US transferred Patriot complexes from Germany to Poland
“We did not believe to last”: Ermak explained them with Glank first hours of war
US intelligence on loss of military equipment of Russian troops in Ukraine
Foreign Ministry announced number of Azerbaijani citizens evacuated from Ukraine
In Moscow, they explained destroyed military facilities of Ukraine
In Pentagon, they calculated: Russia released 710 rockets in Ukraine
IMF Approves US$ 1.4 Billion in Emergency Financing Support to Ukraine