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Zelensky declared six variants of defense of Ukraine
In war in Ukraine, observer of OSCE monitoring mission died
Turkey will apply 19th article by Montreux Convention in relation to Russia and Ukraine
UN International Court of Justice will consider Ukraine about genocide against Russia
Zelensky responded to statement of Russian Federation about intention to strike on building of SBU
Head of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Turkey stated “mentally backward” calling to return Russian C-400
In office of Zelensky, there were cities that seek to take Russian troops
Erdogan appealed to EU: Need to be attacked for us to be in your agenda?
$1.7 billion appeal launched to help refugee exodus, host countries
European Union may refuse Russian coal and gas
Kremlin about meeting of Putin and Zelensky
Lukashenko made a meeting of Zelensky and Putin
Aligned train for evacuation of Azerbaijanis from Kyiv
Lukashenko: I told Erdogan: Regep, you are friends with Putin, in an embrace with Zelensky
Kadyrov told about how much families of victims of military
NATO Secretary General visits multinational battlegroup in Estonia
Ukraine destroyed another division of Kadyrov
Azerbaijan and United Kingdom discussed Ukraine
Britain will not fight Russia in Ukraine
Ursula von der Lyien threatened Russian oligarchs: “freeze all luxury”
Kyiv: stated conditions for new negotiations with Moscow
On Second Day of Human Rights Council’s High-level Segment, Russia’s attack on Ukraine Continues to Dominate Discussion
UN humanitarians call on combatants to spare Ukraine civilians as aid ramps up
Protest against Putin: Coach “Locomotive” resigned
Lukashenko told how Zelensky persuaded to negotiate with Russia
Shoigu and Akar discussed Ukraine
Head of European Parliament: EU will continue to help Ukraine
Britain introduced sanctions against Belarusian generals
Georgia: responded to decision of Zelensky to withdraw ambassador
Emin Amrullayev about Azerbaijani students in Ukraine
Johnson: Europe is ready for a long-term crisis because of Ukraine
Mariupol stayed without light
Secretary General in Poland: NATO Allies will always stand together to protect each other
Zelensky stated most important targets for Russia
Zelensky: defense of Kyiv will be engaged in an experienced general
Press briefing notes on Ukraine 1 March
Putin reported on results of negotiations with Ukraine
French oil and gas giant refused to invest in Russian projects
“Cover Gomel Direction”: Lukashenko asked Putin to leave part of forces in Belarus
Lavrov: US nuclear weapons is in Europe, it’s time to return home
Finland is closer to NATO: Parliament today will discuss entry of country in Alliance
Shoigu stated end of war in Ukraine
Visa also blocked access to payment system to several Russian banks
YouTube Blocked Channels RT and Sputnik throughout Europe
Hameni: Ukraine has become a victim of a crisis created by USA
Lukashenko assured that it does not plan to participate in special operation in Ukraine
Lukashenko accused special services of Ukraine in financing of armament of opposition
Russia lost another major sporting event