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Former presidential candidate of Ukraine took up milking cows
Ukraine asked US to appoint a special representative for Donbass
In White House they said that Putin and Biden will discuss
Pentagon: US is striving for solid relations with Turkey
NATO Defence Education Enhancement Programme develops a strategy in support of professional military education
Zhirinovsky: “Russians in US are even more than Armenians”
One of person involved cases of a conspiracy in Belarus admitted in contact with US intelligence services
Easter truce in Donbass will not: negotiations failed
Personal lawyer Trmpa came with search
European Parliament proposed to turn off Russia from SWIFT and stop “North Stream-2”
NATO and North Macedonia take stock of achievements, following one year of NATO membership
Lavrov: Russia will not join G7
Ex-player of Kiev “Dynamo” disappeared
Secretary General welcomes Prime Minister of Slovakia to NATO Headquarters
Zelensky offered to create a new format of negotiations on Donbass
Pentagon is followed by discharge of Russian troops from borders with Ukraine
Macron called Putin
‘Disasters know no borders’ says Guterres, 35 years on from Chernobyl nuclear accident
Employee of Ukrainian Embassy in Russia announced non-graphics person
Minthouse: On Social Support of Liquidators of Chernobyl accident
American drone attacked near border with Russia
Ukraine will take part in naval teachings of Turkey
Ukraine is ready for negotiations on Donbass, but
UN welcomes removal of Russia’s troops from border with Ukraine
Professor from India warns about new dangerous wave of Covid-19
UN-led aid convoy brings 23 tonnes of humanitarian goods across contact line in east Ukraine
Ukraine disruled from universal mobilization
Sentor Gorbachev about last attempt to preserve USSR
Lukashenko at a meeting with Putin criticized Zelensky
Amirkhanyan and Melkonyan fell under sanctions of NGO of Ukraine
UN Secretary General in conversation with Zelensky urged to avoid escalating conflict
Mary Stadnik in final of European Championship
Bribe from Azerbaijanis ruined a career of a Ukrainian official
Statement at 11th Session of UN Open-ended Working Group on Ageing
Turkey will sell combat drones Ukraine
Zelensky offered Putin to meet in Donbas
Secretary General: “Council of Europe fully supports sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine”
Foreign Ministry of Russia: West hesitates hysteria around world
Britain will send ships to Black Sea in sign of support of Ukraine
Ukraine announced expulsion of Russian ambassador
Iran denied statement of Ukraine
In Germany, they stated threat of a new Caribbean crisis
North Atlantic Council Statement following announcement by United States of actions with regard to Russia
Chavushoglu: Turkey holds neutrality in conflict of Russia and Ukraine
NATO Allies decide to start withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan
Secretary General welcomes US Secretary of Defense to NATO
Secretary General welcomes US Secretary of State to NATO
NATO Secretary General and Ukrainian Foreign Minister discuss Russia’s military build-up