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Brazil urged to step up search for missing journalist and indigenous activist
Five countries elected to serve on UN Security Council
World’s most vulnerable now paying even more, for less food: FAO
WHO publishes new guideline with region-specific treatment recommendations
WHO publishes new guideline with region-specific treatment recommendations
IOC Heeds Calls to Embed Rights: Olympics
Call to Expand International Right to Education
Interim statement on hybrid immunity and increasing population seroprevalence rates
WHO raises alarm on tobacco industry environmental impact
Those who resort to war deny social justice, says ILO Director-General
World Leaders Pledge to Fight for Freedom and Values with History at Turning Point
Reskilling Revolution: Leaders Preparing 1 Billion People for Tomorrow’s Economy
This time sugar: India shakes world market again
Governments Harm Children’s Rights in Online Learning
UN Deputy Chief meets inspiring young climate leaders in Indonesia
Attorney General’s Reappointment Threatens Rights in Guatemala
Rising Covid caseload should be ‘wake-up call’
Russia will sign a new agreement with Azerbaijan
WHO Results Report shows global health achievements despite Covid pandemic
Ukraine war squeezes food supplies, drives up prices, threatens vulnerable nations
WHO announces winners at Awards ceremony of 3rd Health for All Film Festival
Attacks on Gender and Sexuality Education in Brazil
Brazil refused United States
Small decrease in food prices in April ‘a welcome relief’
Coronavirus: Almost everyone lied godlessly
Erdogan and Bolsonaru are ready to come to Moscow
Armed Forces Should Not Count Votes in Brazil
Lula trial in Brazil violated due process, says UN rights panel
Brazil revealed a new mutation of Omicron strain
Rules for Batteries Should Cover Bauxite, Copper, Iron: European Union
Two Singers Convicted on ‘Morality’ Charges in Egypt
5 ways we’re working to repair damage to our planet
Chair’s Statement: Forty-Fifth Meeting of IMFC
Over 1 million African children protected by first malaria vaccine
Invite UN Experts on Racial Justice in Brazil
Russia asks Brazil to help resist sanctions
World Chagas Disease Day: finding and reporting every case
“This is a catastrophe”: Poklonskaya about war in Ukraine
Rights expert concerned about erosion of democracy in Brazil
Ukraine war drives international food prices to ‘new all-time high’
Statement of ICC Prosecutor, Karim A.A. Khan QC, at opening of Trial
Five more winners of World Cup in Baku
Flabian CM-2022 Football: Spain against Germany, Iran vs. USA
UN Creates Rights Monitor in Nicaragua
WHO’s training for caregivers of children with autism goes online
UN highlights human cost of transatlantic slave trade
Haitians Being Returned to Country in Chaos
UN Security Council did not adopt resolution of Russia with a call to cessation of fire in Ukraine