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Sudden death in Beijing of new ambassador of Germany
“Bezless Swimmer” won four gold and conquered world
Azerbaijan has opened another 13 countries for citizens
Air quality improvements from COVID lockdowns confirmed
WHO and UN partners’ compendium of 500 actions aims to reduce diseases from environmental factors and save lives
Azerbaijani tankers in final
Climate and weather related disasters surge five-fold over 50 years
Biden called to switch from Afghanistan to Russia and China
Security Council urges Taliban to ensure people can leave Afghanistan
UN Security Council adopted a resolution on Afghanistan
Secretary-General calls for bold action to end biodiversity crisis
Comrade Si spoke out against monopolies and for market of socialist type
14th Medal of Azerbaijan on Paralympiad in Tokyo
World captures a new strain of Covid-19?
World predict a big war due to end of American Empire
Armenian provocation on border with Azerbaijan
China’s answer USA: Beijing calls WHO Check American laboratories
WHO recognizes: to find sources of Covid-19 becomes impossible
In China, they declared “fruitful contacts” with “Taliban”
Chinese schoolchildren and students will oblige to teach ideas of Czypin
Putin and Si Jinping agreed on Afghanistan
In Chinese schools will teach “Thoughts Si Jinping”
Who for “Taliban” friend?
China: found large reserves of shale oil
US intelligence told about Covid-19
Human Rights Council Expresses Grave Concern at All Violations and Abuses of Human Rights
High Commissioner for Human Rights Urges Special Session of Human Rights Council on Afghanistan to Establish Dedicated Mechanism
Moscow categoric: Do not want to see American military in Central Asia
Tashkent: more electric vehicles than in Beijing, Berlin and Ankara
Chinese official was punished for buying shares
Iran discovered major gas field on Caspian
In China, they stated that Coronavirus stopped
US Announce Secret Cosmic Weapons against Russia
A new war is brewing – semiconductor
Human Rights Council Advisory Committee concludes its 26th session
In China, they compared democracy with Coca-Cola
Statement of Twenty-Ninth Polio IHR Emergency Committee
Planet needs Indigenous peoples to help save biodiversity: top rights expert
Times: US departure from Afghanistan launches new round big game
Head of European diplomacy compared with catastrophe situation in Afghanistan
Human rights must be at heart of UN plan to save planet – expert
Beijing approved by Taliban Plans for Development of Afghanistan
Soros dumps all Chinese assets
Firmsi Umudov awarded Elchin Guliyev and thanked Haji Aliyev
State Program awarded Businessman Javida Gorchiev
China will help Afghanistan and Taliban
Prosecutor of International Criminal Court, Mr Karim A. A. Khan QC, concludes his first visit to Sudan with signing of
Taliban confirmed suspicions of Europeans: “We have good relations with Russia and China”