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Russia can destroy France … after Estonia
Ex-Minister of Health of France accused of spreading Covid-19
UN Committee on Enforced Disappearances to review Brazil, France, Panama and Spain
Azerbaijan started a chess Olympiad with Victory over Sweden
‘Shootouts’ Disguise Apparent Extrajudicial Executions in Egypt
Azerbaijan against Ireland: who will get first glasses?
Azerbaijan has opened another 13 countries for citizens
NATO’s Deputy Secretary General stresses importance of NATO-EU cooperation and complementarity
Rauf Mamedov leads at European Championships in Iceland
Security Council urges Taliban to ensure people can leave Afghanistan
UN Security Council adopted a resolution on Afghanistan
NATO Secretary General attends virtual ministerial meeting on Afghanistan
“Safety zone” Macron Taliban is not needed
Macron explained negotiations with Taliban
IMF Executive Board Concludes 2021 Article IV Consultation with Romania
French changed his mind about city of Shusha
Azerbaijan Judoist won Gold Paralympics
Main negotiator on Brexit aimed at chair of President of France
France urgently closes its embassy in Kabul
After Drak, Armenian parliament adopted Government of Pashinyan
High Commissioner for Human Rights Urges Special Session of Human Rights Council on Afghanistan to Establish Dedicated Mechanism
France brought yourself Taliban?
Experts of Committee on Rights of Persons with Disabilities Raise Questions about Medical Approach to Disability Used
Third defeat of Azerbaijani national volleyball team at European Championship
Azerbaijan lost Belgium in start match of European Championship
1 in 2 Unsure of Globalization’s Benefits, Survey Finds
Pashinyan declared friends and allies of Armenia
Azerbaijani peacekeepers helped France’s citizens leave Kabul
Human Rights Council to Hold a Special Session on 24 August to Address “Serious Human Rights Concerns and Situation
Experts of Committee on Elimination of Racial Discrimination Ask Kingdom of Netherlands about National Framework for Tackling Racial
Deputy Secretary General: many LGBTI people in Europe can “state their pride”, but more remains to be done
Committee on Rights of Persons with Disabilities Praised for Hosting Seven Online Regional Consultations as it Opens Twenty-Fifth
Europe: a new source of Islamophobia
UN Disability Rights Committee to review France and Djibouti
Crowd broke through flight field of Kabul airport
And macron convenes ownership of France
Another city fell under attacks of Taliban
Global climate objectives fall short without nuclear power in mix: UNECE
Racial bias must be addressed to create real change in police responses to gender-based violence
Digitalization Policies and Solutions to Build Back Transparent, Modern, and Efficient Port of Beirut
Young French infect COVID to avoid vaccination
National Protest Day: French against Sanitary Pass
Georgia refused to restore diplomas with Russia
Escalating Lebanon-Israel aggressions provoking ‘very dangerous situation’
Unec programs and University of Montpellier presented diplomas
Paris again overwhelmed protests
West called on Russia to withdraw recognition of South Ossetia and Abkhazia stood up for protection of Armenian journalist