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Moscow on normalization of relations between Azerbaijan and Armenia
Blinken: If at least one military RF will cross border of Ukraine
In State Department Rossmi, accused of creating fakes about Ukraine
Erdogan’s offer commented in Kremlin
Iran suggested Russian gas supplies through Azerbaijan
Reuters: Moscow and Kiev is not against participation of Ankara in Deetherition
Biden explained that United States considers invasion of Ukraine
Second consecutive Victory of Shakhriyar Mammadyarova in Wake An See
Erdogan confirmed: Turkey wants to hold Putin’s meeting with Zelensky
Kronprints Saudi Arabia met with Special Representative of Putin in Syria
US introduced new anti-Russian sanctions
In United States presented new sanctions against Russia. Concerning Putin personally
WHO summary of Baseline report for UN Decade of Healthy Ageing is now available in all official UN languages
Zhirinovsky opposed recognition of “LNR” and “DPR”: all Ukraine should again become part of Russia
In United States prepared a new draft sanctions against Russia
In United States offered to introduce sanctions against Simonyan and Solovyov
In Russia, they offer to completely ban cryptocurrency
Ukraine is ready for a trilateral meeting with Russia and USA
Moldova introduces PE mode: no money for gas
Iran, China and Russia begin joint military exercises
Unlikely in near future: Biden about Ukraine’s accession to NATO
Skandal in Sweden: Azerbaijanis detained at house of Prime Minister
Biden promised Russia “Catastroph” in case of escalation around Ukraine
In Yerevan, they stated that Turkey and Armenia did not put forward conditions for normalization of relations
Rasi began negotiations with Putin in Moscow
Yerevan through Moscow passed Baku his offers on border
Sands: situation in Ukraine is very tense
In Kremlin answered Erdogan’s offer
Turkey proposed a temporary agreement for Russia and Ukraine
Poklonskaya will not be ambassador in Cape Verde
President Iran has high hopes for negotiations in Moscow
France’s presidential candidate believes that country should get out of NATO
US will send Ukraine military aid, but not military
Shakhriyar Mammadyarov won first victory on “Chess Wimbledon”
Denmark renews its contribution to NATO’s Air Policing in Baltic region
NATO Secretary General, German Chancellor discuss Russia’s military build-up
Negotiations of Ilham Aliyev and Vladimir Putin took place
Berlin: situation around Ukraine is worse than during Cold War
Russia, Iran and China will hold joint military exercises
In Russian language tutorial, a distortion was made in connection with tragedy on January 20
“Occupation of Ukraine is unlikely”: Erdogan promised to discuss situation with Aliyev and Putin
Zhirinovsky: “Russia should have Western borders, same as USSR on January 1, 1990”
What to discuss Putin and Raishi in Moscow
Canadian special forces transferred to Ukraine
CIA head arrived in Kiev and met with Zelensky
Borrel eliminated introduction of “preventive sanctions” against Russia in Ukraine
Special services began investigating: “Cheap Azerbaijani gas sells neighbors, and expensive Russian – Bulgarians”
In Moscow, they stated that for Ukraine there can be no plan “B”