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NATO Secretary General: Russia’s build-up most serious crisis in decades
And German Chancellor refused to Russian PCR test
In Yerevan, they stated that after Ukrainian crisis, Armenian crisis will begin
Washington Post: “Team of Tigers” is preparing an answer in case of “invasion” to Ukraine
Zakharova called on Bloomberg “Review” his forecast for day of attack on Ukraine
$ 131 Million Gulnara Karimova will be returned to Uzbekistan
Kremlin: Putin is ready for negotiations in Ukraine, but “this is only part of problem”
French Foreign Minister declares that Russia has everything ready to invade Ukraine, but
Americans called for immediately leaving Belarus and Transnistria
‘Do not fail cause of peace’ Guterres urges
Biden and Johnson discussed Ukraine
NATO Secretary General praises strong partnership with Colombia
Boris Johnson: situation around Ukraine is approaching abyss
Negotiations Lavrov and Abdollahian
Representative of Russian Foreign Ministry discussed with Armenia contacts with Turkey
Kadyrov confessed to love of Ukraine, but urged Zelensky to fulfill debt
Russia has prepared answer to United States and NATO
“Big Seven” warned Moscow
Another achievement of strategic partnership of Russia and Azerbaijan: delivery of cargo on “Agroexpress” began
Lukashenko will meet with Putin in near future
Tests in Azerbaijan showed safety of “Cocktail” Astrazeneca and “Light Satellite”
In Germany, they offered to confiscate real estate of Russian oligarchs
Oil is becoming more expensive on geopolitical tensions
Zakharov asked Americans to “not take sin to soul” and recalled performance of Colin Powell
White House opened details of telephone conversation Zelensky with Biden
Representative of Russian Foreign Ministry responded to question: will Azerbaijan become an observer in Eurasian Union?
Scientists warn: a new strain COVID can kill much more people
CIT: From under Voronezh to borders of Ukraine throw a tank army
“This is a temporary solution”: US Embassy is evacuated from Kiev to Lviv
Re-elected president of Germany urged Putin to “weaken loop on neck of Ukraine”
In Italy, they expect to Azerbaijani gas: thanks to him managed to keep price increase
Azerbaijanis has entered Russian woman: a fight, conflict between diasporas, criminal case
Israeli media: invasion of Ukraine can begin on Tuesday or Wednesday
Azerbaijani athlete waiting for final at World Cup in Baku
Tens of countries have already recommended to leave Ukraine to their citizens
Former ISIL wife returns to Kazakhstan
Veterans reflect on past, present and future of radio at UN
Pentagon refuted visation of US submarine into territorial waters of Russia
Chavushoglu discussed with CuleBoy safety of Black Sea
Canada suspended work of his embassy in Ukraine
In Kremlin told details of conversation of Putin and Bayden
Will Moldova give gas from Azerbaijan?
Chavushoglu: Turkey does not believe in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
CNN: Putin’s telephone conversation began and Biden
Blinken and Lavrov discussed a diplomatic solution to situation in Ukraine
Azerbaijan sent first train to Russia as part of AgroExpress project
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia confirmed negotiations of Lavrov and Blink
NATO Secretary General takes part in meeting with US President Biden 12 February