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Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances concludes its 126th session
Court to Poroshenko
In Russian region, migrants were banned from working in a taxi, cafe and couriers
NATO Secretary General praises transatlantic unity to protect Black Sea region
“Dancing under Russian Dudka”: in Britain, visit of head of Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Moscow stated a mistake
“We are dealing with one of largest armies of world”: Biden called on US citizens to leave Ukraine
ICD-11 2022 release
Georgian deputy called on power to establish direct dialogue with Russia
Putin: Russia will do everything to support Tokaeva
Stoltenberg: NATO will continue to help Ukraine
It revealed where and when leaders and heads of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of CIS countries will gather this year
NATO Secretary General addresses Russia’s military build-up in and around Ukraine with UK Prime Minister Johnson
Embassy of Azerbaijan in Russia on visit of heads of Karabakh separatists to Moscow
Bayraktar and Javelin: Ukraine holds his teachings in response to maneuvers of Russia and Belarus
Kazakhstani deputy: Thank God, Simonyan is not Russian Foreign Minister
FSB: A man has been detained, spreading false reports on mining objects in Azerbaijan
Ankara declared Moscow’s readiness for her mediation in negotiations with Kiev
Libya stated that he could not help European Union
Azerbaijan’s native earned 100 million on a submarine bank
Macron after meetings with Putin and Zelensky called Biden
Pashinyan Potroll Lukashenko: Have you seen me on streets with an automatic machine?
Iraq paid $ 50 billion for invasion of Kuwait in 1990
Zakharov: Russia welcomes decision of Azerbaijan
Mirzoyan confirmed: Ambassador of Belarus was called up to Foreign Ministry
Pashinyan is waiting for a positive answer from Baku
Stalin’s nephew became a victim of swells: gave 16 million
Armenian journalist: Lukashenko statements – “This is berries”
Olympiad in Beijing: Foreign Athletes reproached China for facilities and competition
What to discuss Putin and Tokayev in Moscow
Ministry of Culture recalled UNESCO: “There is a rich heritage of Azerbaijanis in Armenia”
CSTO wants to help Afghanistan
State Duma was offered to ban migrants to study in Russian schools
Air landing in Poland arrived
In US “inspired by” negotiations of Putin and Macron, but prepared for refugees and gas deficit
In Kremlin answered question about Putin’s shaking
Aluminum Raisted in price: why?
Armenian deputy is indignant: “Lukashenka and Simonyani provide Russian power to a bear service”
NATO Deputy Secretary General to mark anniversary of NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence in Lithuania
Because of words of Lukashenko: Ambassador of Belarus was summoned to Armenian Foreign Ministry
In case “God,” Serbia is inhabited by food because of situation around Ukraine
Ankara about dialogue with Israel, visit Putin and talks on Donbass
Lavrov and Abdollahian held talks
Macron about a meeting with Putin and Zelensky
“Matsun” discord between Georgia and Armenia
US military arrived in Romania
Macron: Putin ironed less than usual
Zelensky holds a meeting with maron
Kremlin: Russian troops will leave Belarus