Latest News Timeline | Page 1134

“The excitement about Generation Equality is something you can now feel and touch”- UN Women Executive Director Phumzile
China advises European Union “take a look at ourselves” and introduces response sanctions
Armenia: a new list of soldiers killed in Karabakh
Pentagon’s chef suddenly flew to Afghanistan
Human Rights Council Holds Enhanced Interactive Dialogue on Human Rights Situation
Oceans under threat like never before, warns World Meteorological Organization
European Union introduces sanctions against China for first time in 30 years
Spanish authorities should amend Criminal Code to strengthen existing safeguards of right to freedom of expression
ER Riyad holds military exercises in Persian Gulf
Putin said day when he will be brought from Covid-19
Secretary General previews meeting of NATO Foreign Ministers
Lawyer of Ex-Head of General Staff of Armenia will submit to court in connection with statement of Pashinyan
Ilham Aliyev congratulated Pakistan’s president
WHO announces 2nd edition Health for All Film Festival shortlist and jury composition
Kremlin: a nuclear suitcase is always with Putin
Recognize ‘true value’ of water, UN urges, marking World Water Day
“We must agree”: Pashinyan presented Davtyan to management of army
Against background of changing head of Central Bank, Turkish Lira fell by almost 10%
Head of administration of Roukhani: new opportunities for cooperation with Azerbaijan appeared
Presidential candidate died from Covid-19 on election day
Campaign launched to make 30 km/h streets norm for cities worldwide
Erdogan’s personal doctor saved child aboard Bishkek-Istanbul aircraft
Ex-Prime Minister Georgia: I’m not leaving my policies
“The army will retain neutrality”: statement of new chapter of General Staff of Armenia
Ministry of Justice of Armenia: court can not reinstate Gasparyan
COVİD-19 in Armenia: 506 infected and 12 dead per day
Human Rights Council continues general debate on racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related forms of intolerance
Impunity for violence by police and other law enforcement officials is a reflection of all societies and systemic racism
Porsche will give each employee of 7,850 euros
For first time in Japan: Mother handed Coronavirus newborn
Azerbaijan began a campaign for vaccination against covid persons over 40 years
Deputy Bundestag died in plane
Water, Sanitation and Hygiene: closing gap to end neglected tropical diseases
World warned of global water shortage
Number of patients exceeded 123 million people
Citizens of 12 countries banned entry into Pakistan
Costa Rica communities fight duel COVID and climate threat
Cabinet Germany offers to extend quarantine
Britain: Koronavirus went to decline
Trump will create his own social network
Doctor has listed healthy eyes products
Iraqi vessel captured in territorial waters of Iran
Face of Sudan’s democratic transition ‘is female and it is young’, says UN agency chief
Iran called on Saudi Arabia to dialogue
Big Panda attacked zoo employee
People’s artist of Azerbaijan Ramiz Mamedov died
Poroshenko accused of organizing riots in Kiev
Exploited and marginalized, Bangladeshi tea workers speak up for their rights