Latest News Timeline | Page 1135

Azerbaijani writer died of Covid-19
Attack in Iran: there is dead and wounded
Scientists exposed myths about vaccines against COVID-19
Kazakhstan: earned a new TV channel Turkistan
COVİD-19 In Russia: Over 9 thousand new infected and 371 deceased per day
Weather forecasters warn about strong wind
Russia: governor arrested for bribes
Georgian Prime Minister congratulated Azerbaijanis citizenship with Novruz holiday
Spirit of Nowruz ‘more vital than ever’, Guterres says, marking International Day
COVİD-19 in Armenia: 18 dead per day
Neurologist stated most useful health pose for sleep
Recognition of Pashinian: “Yes, we bought fighters Su-30cm, but without missiles”
In St. Petersburg, hitting police citizen of Azerbaijan, faces up to 10 years in prison
UN agencies urge Turkey not to abandon international accord protecting women
Fire in a residential building in Baku
Shirvan: a minibus shot down a pedestrian death
Prepare for next pandemic, says WHO scientist
Eight children killed this month, as fighting intensifies in Yemen: UNICEF
Italy: military accidentally fired at poultry farm
Scientist told when oil ends on Earth
Ukrainian radicals scored with Petardis of Zelensky office
Sweden mulling to produce a Russian vaccine
Montenegro does not plan to close borders
Prime Minister Bulgaria announced expulsion of Russian diplomats
Scientist declared main reason for development of caries
Heavy accident in Gazakh: there are victims
Ukraine demanded from NATO to determine its place by 2030
Murad Mamedov defeated Gevorg Garibian and reached semifinals of Olympic qualifications
Head of BTA: “Public transport in Baku becomes environmentally friendly”
Pashinyan: “The issue with shorts and jerseys was not even resolved in Armenian army
Spring weather will be installed in Baku
Turkey: PAC activists who opposed liberation of Karabakh were arrested
Erdogan approved a memorandum of strategic partnership with Azerbaijan
Second ship of USA went to Black Sea
Sahib Gafarov congratulated Azerbaijani people
India: a strong increase in number of COVID-19 infection is seen
Turkey came out of Istanbul Council of Europe Convention
In Baku condemned statements by head of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Luxembourg about Karabakh
In WHO, they do not believe in rapid restoration of international tourism
Taliban can enter government of Afghanistan
Ilham Aliyev: main mission for release of Azerbaijani lands was performed by youth
Ilham Aliyev will appear with appeal to nation
Armenian opposition will continue protest action
Learning from China’s economic example: a UN Resident Coordinator’s blog
Avakov announced superiority of Ukraine over Poland
Saving corals in crisis
Appearance of American actress in clip of Iranian singer caused a scandal
France: police by mistake confiscated sweets instead of drugs