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Times: US departure from Afghanistan launches new round big game
Head of European diplomacy compared with catastrophe situation in Afghanistan
Human rights must be at heart of UN plan to save planet – expert
Beijing approved by Taliban Plans for Development of Afghanistan
Soros dumps all Chinese assets
Firmsi Umudov awarded Elchin Guliyev and thanked Haji Aliyev
State Program awarded Businessman Javida Gorchiev
China will help Afghanistan and Taliban
Prosecutor of International Criminal Court, Mr Karim A. A. Khan QC, concludes his first visit to Sudan with signing of
Taliban confirmed suspicions of Europeans: “We have good relations with Russia and China”
Europeans are confident: China will deal with Russia Afghanistan
National Interest: “Pakistan humiliated and defeated United States”
Europe: a new source of Islamophobia
Hair will not fall: Taliban took under protection of Russian Embassy in Kabul
Armenian provocation in Tsuzuse
UN health agency urges support for new Covid origins studies
China recognizes Government of Taliban if Kabul falls
WHO Statement on advancing next series of studies to find origins of SARS-CoV-2
Shoigu is watching military teachings of Russia and China
Largest importer of Russian weapons
China: banned singing “ideologically wrong” songs
Twenty-sixth session of Human Rights Council Advisory Committee taking place from 16
Myanmar military leaders attempting to legitimize power: UN Special Envoy
Military teachings of Russia and China on background of “Taliban” offensive
China’s ‘Belt and Road’ Dam is Rights Disaster in Cambodia
Global response needed to counter rising security threats at sea
Oil fell on fears for demand because of COVID
Other side of Covid-19: became a billionaire due to vaccination
China and India again declared a truce. So far in words
Iran and America found a common point of contact in opium Armenia
Phone call issued a murder of Lachina Mamedov
More than three thousand guests did not hit wedding
Equality over Covid jabs, ‘most pressing issue of our times’ – UN chief
Xiaomi improves positions in Fortune Global 500 rating
Majority of Global Public Thinks Recovery Will Take Two Years
IMF Executive Board Concludes 2021 Article IV Consultation with Tuvalu
China: know how to deal with Delta
Gift Muğanbank vaccinated from COVID
“Delta” attacks: China threatens a new pandemic wave
Kabul announced world readiness with Taliban
In USA argue: there is evidence of COVID-19 leakage from laboratory in Uhana
Urgent Need to Fast-Track Talks: Killer Robots
Call to Action on Antimicrobial Resistance 2021
New advocacy brief highlights serious consequences of social isolation and loneliness on health of older people
One of richest countries of world drowned in garbage
Gas prices in Europe rose to record
IMF Executive Board Approves US$553.2 Million Extended Arrangement Under Extended Fund Facility for Gabon
A new way of obtaining electricity