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Human Rights Council Establishes International Commission of Inquiry to Investigate Violations
UN chief appeals to business leaders to help quell ‘a tsunami of suffering’ caused by COVID
COVAX statement: Call to action to equip COVAX to deliver 2 billion doses in 2021
India: began to worship goddess of Covid-19
Human Rights Council Opens Special Session on “the Grave Human Rights Situation
Number of patients reached 169 million people
Kangaroo mother care started immediately after birth critical for saving lives, new research shows
From coast of India evacuated about 3.5 million people
India: for first time since April, less than 200 thousand new cases of COVID-19 have revealed
Thai State-Owned Company Funds Junta: Myanmar
World warned about threat of “eternal pandemic”
In Jammu and Kashmir, they stated epidemic of “black mold”
Project Signing: New World Bank Project to Improve Education Outcomes in Gujarat
World No Tobacco Day 2021 awards – winners
Number of patients exceeded 167 million people
India: “Black Mold” struck nearly 9 thousand people
A UN Resident Coordinator’s blog
In New Delhi, number of infected “black mold” has grown dramatically
Number of cases of Covid-19 in world exceeded 166 million
UN chief urges G20 to create task force to scale up vaccines for all
UN agencies appeal for funds as COVID-19 surge eclipses South Asia
India covered new disease
Foreign Ministry: India 30 years has been silent on occupation of territory of AzerispoBay
In India, they declared epidemic of “black mold” against background of COVID-19
Oil continues to rise 18 May
India has updated anti-advertord of number of dead from Coronavirus per day 18 May
Vaccine inequity triggers ‘huge disconnect’ between countries
Doctors discovered a new symptom of Covid-19
Azal reaffirmed high international security requirements in field of civil aviation
Confirmed Covid-19 cases in world has reached 163 million people
World: more than 677 thousand infected Covid-19 revealed in world
Brazil suspends flights with India
Wealthy nations urged to delay youth vaccines, donate to solidarity scheme
2020 Private Sector Participation in Developing-Country Infrastructure Saw Huge Drop, Stabilizing as Year Ended
Cryptomalliarder donated more than $ 1 billion for help of India
Foreign students brought Indian strain COVID to Russia
Defying Predictions, Remittance Flows Remain Strong During COVID-19 Crisis
Indian strain COVID has already found almost 50 countries
Two Indians tried to sell 7 kg of uranium via Internet
‘No sign’ of end to brutal crackdown on all fronts: UN rights office
Three times mutated Covid-19 from India became danger to world
Dozens of bodies of dead from COVID discovered in Gang River
COVID’s grip keeps world in ‘perilous situation’
Act to Avert Looming Covid-19 Disaster: Nepal
In India, they recorded outbreak of “black mold” in surviving Covid-19
India: another Covid-19 anti-record
Coronavirus in world: Over 817 thousand new ones infected per day
What can UN do to support India through its deadly COVID-19 surge?