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ECOSOC chief calls for financial support for small island developing states
Professor from India warns about new dangerous wave of Covid-19
Maximum from beginning of pandemic: for a week 5.7 million of fallen COVID
Oil is more expensive: Brent – above $ 65
Confirmed Covid-19 cases in world exceeded 145 million people
Statement on Immunization: Continued review of emerging evidence on AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccines
Syria receives first COVID-19 vaccines, for most vulnerable
‘Youth won’t stay silent’ says Madagascar climate activist
Ocean benefits increasingly undermined by human activity, UN assessment reveals
India: journalist infected with Covid-19 and died live
India: discovered a new version of Coronavirus
Oil fell on stocks of stocks in US
Confirmed Covid-19 cases in world exceeded 143 million people
Statement at 11th Session of UN Open-ended Working Group on Ageing
Confirmed Covid-19 cases in world reached 142 million people
COVID-19 infections approaching highest rates ever, WHO warns
Confirmed Covid-19 cases in world exceeded 139 million people
UNESCO architectural design winners to rebuild iconic Al-Nouri Mosque complex
New World Bank Research Finds Major Opportunities in Decarbonizing Maritime Transport
Ilham Aliyev at a meeting with analysts in world media perspectives
New WHO Global Compact to speed up action to tackle diabetes
NATO Secretary General highlights importance of a global approach to security at India’s Raisina Dialogue
Oil prices are growing on positive data from China
Wide Variations in Post-COVID ‘Return to Normal’ Expectations, Survey Finds
Delhi authorities declared fourth wave of Covid-19
G7 Gender Equality Advisory Council membership announced
Confirmed Covid-19 cases in world exceeded 134 million people
COVID-19 equitable vaccine scheme reaches more than 100 countries and economies
Positive Tech Solutions will forge recovery: Global Technology Governance Summit Concludes
COVAX reaches over 100 economies, 42 days after first international delivery
Regional City Networks Launch in Latin America and South Asia Bringing Fourth Industrial Revolution to Small and Medium-Sized Cities
Number of cases of Covid-19 in world exceeded 133 million
Zuckerberg caught in using a competitor messenger
Hate speech and violence still rising against Roma despite recognition gains, says rights expert
Building a fairer, healthier world starts with investing in women and girls
Pavel Durov turned out to be richest inhabitant of Dubai
Forbes stated richest billionaires of world
Lavrov unexpectedly met with John Kerry in India
Refugees, Migrants Left Behind in Vaccine Rollout: Lebanon
Number of patients exceeded 131 million people
Leading countries “Postpandemic World”
How can we vaccinate world? Five challenges facing UN-backed COVAX programme
World: more than 659,000 infected Covid-19 revealed in world
Confirmed Covid-19 cases in world exceeded 130 million people
Coronavirus in Russia: 9 169 new patients and 383 dead
Arrival of COVID-19 vaccines a ‘gamechanger’
South Asian Economies Bounce Back but Face Fragile Recovery
World: more than 427 thousand infected Covid-19 revealed in world