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Lavrov unexpectedly met with John Kerry in India
Refugees, Migrants Left Behind in Vaccine Rollout: Lebanon
Number of patients exceeded 131 million people
Leading countries “Postpandemic World”
How can we vaccinate world? Five challenges facing UN-backed COVAX programme
World: more than 659,000 infected Covid-19 revealed in world
Confirmed Covid-19 cases in world exceeded 130 million people
Coronavirus in Russia: 9 169 new patients and 383 dead
Arrival of COVID-19 vaccines a ‘gamechanger’
South Asian Economies Bounce Back but Face Fragile Recovery
World: more than 427 thousand infected Covid-19 revealed in world
Pandemic Pushes Back Gender Parity by a Generation, Report Finds
Plastic pollution disproportionately hitting marginalized groups, UN environment report finds
Sikhi-armed with swords attacked police in India
Chess online series “Karabakh IS Azerbaijan” ended, conducted with support of NAR
Doctor stated an effective remedy for bags under eyes
Confirmed Covid-19 cases in world exceeded 127 million people
India donates 200,000 vaccines to protect UN blue helmets against COVID
President of India hospitalized
At CSW65, women’s rights organizations discuss impact of COVID-19 on violence against women, one year
COVAX updates participants on delivery delays for vaccines from Serum Institute of India and AstraZeneca
Israeli media: Iran subjected to a rocket shelling Israeli vessel
Confirmed Covid-19 cases in world exceeded 125 million people
Human Rights Council Extends Mandates on Syrian Arab Republic, South Sudan and Mali
Stronger Data Systems Needed to Fight Poverty
Human Rights Council Renews Mandate of Special Rapporteur on Myanmar, Adopts Resolutions on Belarus and on Right to Food
Global COVID-19 infections rise for fourth consecutive week, deaths level off
Human Rights Council strengthens rights office probe into Sri Lanka’s long civil war
Amidst ‘heightened intensity’ actions toward peace must be ‘in best interests’ of Afghans
WHO has declared a sharp reduction in number of identified cases of COVID-19 in world per day
Human Rights Council Adopts 10 Resolutions, Renews Mandates on Cultural Rights, Albinism, Privacy
Human Rights Council Renews Mandate of Special Rapporteur on Environment, Adopts Resolutions on Sri Lanka, Nicaragua
Inequity of COVID-19 vaccines grows ‘more grotesque every day’ – WHO chief
Bank of America predicted India’s economy third place in world
Human Rights Council Hears Presentation of Reports and Begins General Debate on Technical Assistance and Capacity Building
1.4 million with tuberculosis, lost out on treatment during first year of COVID-19
Israel: new generation “Barack” rocket was successfully tested
COVID-19 highlights urgent need to reboot global effort to end tuberculosis
Human Rights Council Holds Enhanced Interactive Dialogue on Human Rights Situation
Oceans under threat like never before, warns World Meteorological Organization
WHO announces 2nd edition Health for All Film Festival shortlist and jury composition
Human Rights Council continues general debate on racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related forms of intolerance
Number of patients exceeded 123 million people
Prepare for next pandemic, says WHO scientist
India: a strong increase in number of COVID-19 infection is seen
Learning from China’s economic example: a UN Resident Coordinator’s blog
Statement on Vaccine Safety COVID-19 subcommittee on safety signals related to AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine
Confirmed Covid-19 cases in world exceeded 122 million people