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Kremlin: Putin and Erdogan are not waiting for President Iran
Ilham Aliyev on normalization of relations between Turkey and Armenia
Iran did not let IAEA on a nuclear facility
Erdogan: “US troops should leave Syria and Iraq, as they left from Afghanistan”
‘Humanity remains unacceptably close to nuclear annihilation, says UN chief on International Day
Huawei Founder’s daughter exchanged on two Canadians
High Commissioner for Human Rights to Human Rights Council
High Commissioner for Human Rights tells Human Rights Council that Human Rights situation in Belarus continues to worsen
Parties to Conflict Continue to Perpetrate War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity, Infringing on Basic Human Rights of Syrians
Strong UN has key role in bringing peace, security and social justice, says Cuban President
UN chief appeals for countries to sign nuclear test-ban treaty
Human Rights Situation in Myanmar Has Deteriorated Significantly and Some Violations May Amount to Crimes against Humanity
Deputy Foreign Minister Iran in Agdam
New Chief Scout of Iran Esmail Hatib: what he is known and what to wait for him
Taliban Abuses Cause Widespread Fear in Afghanistan
There is Compelling Case that Military Junta in Myanmar is Committing Crimes against Humanity
King of Saudi Arabia says peace is top priority for his country
Imam Amili advised to speak not about war, but about world
Sadzhadpur deputy minister stated that Iran has a good relationship with Azerbaijan
Plastic Recycling is Clear Example of Disinformation in Context of Toxics
Sanctions are ‘US way of war’, Iranian President at UN
President Iran called on to strengthen safety of Armenia
Main analysts of Azerbaijan, Turkey and Iran are going to Baku. Rides and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Iran
Iran sent to Azerbaijan “Wrong” potatoes
Thousands of Persons Are Subjected to Arbitrary Detention Each Year
Updated Submission to Committee on Elimination of Discrimination against Women
Ambassador Iran called on Armenia to build an alternative road
Deputy Vahid Ahmedov: “Soon Azerbaijan will completely establish control over Lachin Corridor”
Iranian MFA: For Iran, territorial integrity of neighboring countries is above all
Special Rapporteur on Right to Development to Human Rights Council
Head of state is sad because Lebanon turned into autonomy “Hezbollah”
Azerbaijanis more than 858 apartments in Turkey
Fights between “Taliban” and army of Ahmad Masuda junior shifted to border of Tajikistan
Sanctions Can Create Severe and Undue Suffering for Individuals who have Neither Perpetrated Crimes nor Otherwise Borne
Raisi first chose Tajikistan
Iran’s Ambassador for second time went to Hickmetu Hajiyev
EU cannot shirk its responsibilities towards Afghans in need of international protection
Shots and explosions are heard in Tehran
Overwhelming Majority of Unilateral Measures Applied Today are Illegal under International Law
In Tehran, they stated that “enemy agents” prepared terrorist attacks in Iran
Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan delayed Iranian drivers on Goris-Kafan motorway
Pashinyan explained Azerbaijan’s actions on Goris-Kafan motorway
Human Rights Council Continues General Debate on High Commissioner’s Global Human Rights Update
Impunity Continues Largely Unabated for those who Perpetrate Serious Violations in Yemen
Another Iranian reaction to check Iranian trucks in Azerbaijan
Fighting Continues Unabated in Tigray Region of Ethiopia but Solution Can Only be Found through Political Process and Dialogue
Iran’s Ambassador with concern came to Hickmetu Gadzhiyev
IAEA strikes deal with Iran on monitoring of nuclear programme