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US Should Refocus on Rights Concerns: North Korea
Implications for Human Rights on Peninsula: Hearing on Civil and Political Rights in Republic of Korea
Chinese scientists have created a smart window
Biden assured that United States will continue to defend rights of Muslims
WHO and partners urge countries to halt sales of wild mammals at food markets
Oil prices are growing on positive data from China
Jack Ma agreed to become a financial holding under control of authorities
Wide Variations in Post-COVID ‘Return to Normal’ Expectations, Survey Finds
China approved third Covid-19 vaccine for clinical trials
Paris goals still ‘long way off’, says President of UN climate conference
Bitcoin set China under threat
Minister-Level Meeting of Coalition of Finance Ministers for Climate Action
A new “capital billionaires” appeared in world
US consider possibility of boycott of Olympiad in Beijing
Robbers detained in Masalli
Famous American political scientist: Turkey managed to bypass United States, China or Russia
Users warned about new hazard whatsapp
IMF Executive Board Extends Debt Service Relief for 28 Eligible Low-Income Countries through
China and Saudi Arabia will go to space
Foreign Ministry of China: Rich countries have created a lack of vaccines in world
China: record of number of infected COVID in China
Leading countries “Postpandemic World”
China: refuted messages about symptoms of COVID-19 from scientists in 2019
Armenian politicians revise their attitude to Turkey
Remarks by Under-Secretary-General of United Nations and Executive Director of UN Women
Flash of Covid-19 in one of cities of China: Locking
Oil grows second day in a row: Brent – above $ 64
New report WHO puzzled West
WHO calls for further studies, data on origin of SARS-CoV-2 virus, reiterates that all hypotheses remain open
Georgia vaccinates residents of Abkhazia and South Ossetia
Mutation made Covid-19 insensitive to cold
Most successful manufacturer of smartphones in world
Rights experts concerned about alleged detention, forced labour of Uyghurs in China
Recovery Offers Chance to Build Back Better in Latin America and Caribbean
UN experts deeply concerned by alleged detention, forced labour of Uyghurs: China
Powerful dust storm from China collapsed to South Korea and Japan
Maduro offered oil in exchange for Covid-19 vaccines
Ex-head of Centers for Control and Prevention of US Diseases (CDC): “Coronavirus broke out of laboratory in China”
Companies Should Resist Boycott Threats: China
WHO has prepared a report on trip to Wuhan
United Kingdom called on China to open access to Xinjiang
NEW YORK first, and Baku 107th Fincentr World
Kremlin commented on macron statement
MFA of China about causes of “vaccine nationalism”
China introduces sanctions against Britain
Biden suggested that EU work together in Russia, Turkey and South Caucasus
Robustly Carry Out New Surveillance Tech Rules: EU
Myanmar: UN expert urges emergency summit to head off deepening crisis