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Climate action, or blah, blah, blah?
5 least important international disputes 2021
Sales Director Hyosung Rus LLC: Azerbaijan – one of regional leaders in banking sector
Structural Reforms Can Ease Chinas Transition to High-Quality Growth: Report
Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights Urges All Parties to Pull Back from Posture of War in Ethiopia
Press briefing notes on Republic of Korea
Abusive Rule 10 Years after Kim Jong Il in North Korea
Human Rights Council to Hold a Special Session on 17 December to Address “Grave Human Rights Situation
Washington Post: world is not ready for a new pandemic
Assembly of States Parties concludes its twentieth session
UN hails ‘strong political support’ to boost peacekeepers in field
Countries with regulations against industrially produced trans fats tripled over past year
At Seoul meeting, Guterres urges greater support for peacekeeping amid mounting threats
Countries with regulations protecting people from industrially produced trans fat tripled over past year
US will place 480 nuclear air bombs in Europe
Japan: ready to negotiate with Kim Jong
Strong Producer Organizations Key to Vibrant Farming Sector
West urged Russia to “reduce temperature in region”
ICC hosts Asia-Pacific Regional Seminar of Judges on Rome Statute and International Criminal Court
Turkey ranked second in GDP growth rates
Japan made strikes on enemies
World markets collapsed because of “Omikron”
Azerbaijani was elected deputy chairman of expert committee of Council of Europe
DPRK: we considered wearing black cloaks invalid imitation of Kim Jong
Is new head of Interpol involved in torture?
Tomorrow South Korea will disable dog meat
India and United States will hit oil prices
Former President of South Korea, sentenced to death
UN will use technology and medical capacity to improve peacekeeping
Ilham Aliyev invited South Korean companies to restore liberated territories
Ilham Aliyev received a representative of President of South Korea
Europe hits highest weekly Covid cases since pandemic began
Released $ 3.5 billion frozen Iran’s assets
National Assembly of South Korea should act swiftly to enact anti-discrimination legislation
Human Rights Council requests High Commissioner for Human Rights to designate an Expert on human rights situation
CSOs welcome political commitment to end international oil, gas, and coal finance by end of 2022, say others need to follow suit
And in South Korea Splash COVID-19
Human Rights Council to hold special session on Sudan
In South Korea, investigate death of a schoolboy after vaccinations from COVID-19
Iran Armenia: no money, but you hold on
COP26 – what we know so far, and why it matters: Your UN News guide
Russia wants to reconcile two Korea
Suriname’s human rights record to be examined by Universal Periodic Review
Died “Korean Gorbachev”
Google declared leaders in number of remote content
South Korean exploration: everything is calm in North Korea, there is no coup
Lieberman argues that “conflict with Iran is a question of close time”
Smokers in Azerbaijan spend 30% of annual income on cigarettes