German Foreign Minister admitted that Berlin supplied Kyiv with non -working equipment

Part of the arms transmitted by Germany by Germany is outdated or did not work. This was stated by the USRG Foreign Minister Annalena Bergok in an interview with CNN, TASS reports.

“If you only promise and do not, and even supply something that does not work, then it does not help,” she said.

“Some of our systems are already outdated, about some we knew from the very beginning that they did not work, and we talked about it,” Berbok added.

The Foreign Minister added that the need to verify the performance of weapons is one of the reasons why Berlin has not yet transferred Taurus tactical missiles to Kyiv.

“I can’t say when we convey Taurus. They are so complicated that we must clarify all the details – how they will work, who will manage them. I understand that Ukraine has little time, but when we are something- then we convey it, it should work, ”she said