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Leading Azerbaijan against Armenia at European Championships in Chess
Military exercises of Navy, Air Force and Ground Forces will start in France
Alleged ‘Fake News’ Made Crime in Greece
Germans called for remembering attack on USSR
Europe has become epicenter of pandemic Covid-19
Turkey: archaeologists found head of ancient Greek gods
Veteran Australian judge Hillary Charlesworth elected to International Court of Justice
UN experts concerned about migrant children in detention: Bulgaria torture prevention
NATO Secretary General addresses annual Nuclear Policy Symposium
Human Rights Council to hold special session on Sudan
World Forum for Democracy 2021: “Can democracy save environment?”
Greece declared scandalous famous Sevan Nichanyan Person Non Grata
Economist: Azerbaijani gas can become an alternative to Russian
World Health Organization Secretariat announcement regarding election of next WHO Director-General
Samoa’s human rights record to be examined by Universal Periodic Review
Caucasus became subject of Ankara and Washington negotiations
Human Rights Council Universal Periodic Review Working Group to hold thirty-ninth session in Geneva from 1
Greece’s human rights record to be examined by Universal Periodic Review
Migration: Developing long term solutions with local and regional authorities
Turkey: Russia wanted to join NATO
Post-Covid Recovery and Migration on agenda of 41st Congress session
UN torture prevention body to visit Bulgaria
NATO Allies take lead on development of NATO’s Innovation Fund
Fifteen Allies deepen cooperation on Ground Based Air Defence
Eleven Allies launch multinational projects to boost CBRN defence
NATO: a conspiracy started against Turkey?
Skandal on match of Serbia – Azerbaijan: UEFA took flags from fans
United States is transferred to Greece fighters
Human Rights Council Concludes Forty-eighth Regular Session after Adopting 25 Resolutions and One Statement by President
Human Rights Council Extends Mandates on Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, Cambodia and Libya
IMF Extends Debt Service Relief for 24 Eligible Low-Income Countries
Chavushoglu told how Azerbaijan and Armenia can establish relationships
All Parties to Conflict in Libya, including Third States, Foreign Fighters and Mercenaries, Have Violated International Humanitarian
‘Moral obligation’ to ensure justice for Yazidi and other survivors of ISIL crimes
“Cycling for Democracy” or hitting road in pursuit of original initiatives that help answer question “Can democracy save
Gender Digital Divide Is Reflection of Overall Discrimination Faced by Women and Girls
WHO Academy Groundbreaking Ceremony Expanding Access to Critical Learning
Committee on Rights of Child closes eghty-eighth session after adopting concluding observations on reports of Czech Republic
Human rights in Belarus continue downward spiral, warns Bachelet
High Commissioner for Human Rights tells Human Rights Council that Human Rights situation in Belarus continues to worsen
New storybook to help children stay hopeful during Covid
Parties to Conflict Continue to Perpetrate War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity, Infringing on Basic Human Rights of Syrians
Plastic Recycling is Clear Example of Disinformation in Context of Toxics
Atrocious Crime of Enforced Disappearance Continues to Happen and Takes New Shapes and Forms
Oldest mosaic in world was discovered in Turkey
Official country visit of Chair of NATO Committee to Greece
Dangerous Custody Law to Take Effect in Greece
Human Rights Council Continues General Debate on High Commissioner’s Global Human Rights Update