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Interim statement on booster doses for Covid vaccination 23 December
President of Kyrgyzstan punished ambassador to Azerbaijan for inconsistent statements
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Trump believes that China has to pay world compensation for appearance of COVID
Human Rights Council Decides to Establish an International Commission of Human Rights Experts to Investigate Allegations
Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights Urges All Parties to Pull Back from Posture of War in Ethiopia
Experts stated most dangerous countries for traveling in 2022
And again Taiwan of discord: conflict with Lithuania threatens confrontation between China and EU
Morocco’s extradition of Uyghur asylum seeker to China could lead to serious rights violations, argue UN experts
UN experts say extradition of Uyghur asylum seeker to China violates principle of non-refoulement: Morocco
Georgian and Turkish companies fell under US sanctions
China will stop “Omicron” policy of “zero tolerance”
Ex-Political Prisoner Faces New Charges in Vietnam
‘Additional effort and patience’ needed to revive Iran nuclear deal
POSTRED for UN: US is ready to remove sanctions with Iran, which will bring country to benefit
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